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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lee Min Ho - Esquire Interview on Kim Tan's character

Here's a small excerpt of the interview I found online:-

Min Ho said that if Jun Pyo is an innocent, simple character, Kim Tan is someone with a 'diverse' personality- he thinks deeply, is in misery but appears matured.

He's not worried about the main character, rather than the fact that most of the cast are younger than him. For someone who used to be a 'hoobae' in dramas, he has now become a 'sunbae' who receives greetings from the 'hoobaes'

Among the cast of high school students, I'm the oldest and so there is definite pressure. On one hand, this project is of utmost importance and I have to lead/liven up the filming atmosphere. I'll be 28 years old next year, I can't believe I've become a 'sunbae' already. I still find it really shocking - Min Ho!

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