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Monday, September 9, 2013

Faith Novel - Part 11

Vol 1 excerpts – Part XI
Since I still haven’t gotten my Volume 2, I figured I would translate a few other parts from Volume 1 that I didn’t plan to initially as they were a little too piecemeal. But I figured I’ll just post them anyway. The following excerpts are taken from different scenes.

The first time Choi Young saw Eun Soo at the seminar. He’s trying to get a good look at her face, but she keeps turning back and forth from the projector.

Choi Young’s point of view:
A that moment, the woman in front of the moving picture came into full sight. Did that sweet voice belong to her? It was a very sing-song voice – it frequently went high and low. Her fingers looked flexible. All that was left to inspect were her eyes. Everyone in the room started to turn around to look at me. Finally , she saw me. And stared straight into my eyes. Those sparkling eyes looked at me in wonder. I held my breath, faced her and returned her stare.

Eun Soo has just finished complaining to her friend over the phone about how her seminar was ruined by a drama extra (she is referring to Choi Young) who barged in.
Eun Soo’s point of view:

I suddenly thought of the extra I saw earlier. I could recall those pair of eyes very clearly and accurately. Impossible. Instead of that ridiculous armour he was wearing, I realised his eyes left a much more lasting impression on me. My head started throbbing again. Those eyes were just so very deep. He wasn’t just looking at my face – those were eyes that had the ability to look deep inside a person and know everything with just one look. What was wrong with me? I probably wasn’t thinking straight because of my headache.

Now we arrive at the part when they are in front of heaven’s door in present-time Seoul. Eun Soo begs Choi Young to let her go and not to kill her. He says he won’t, but she claims she has already seen his face and in the movies, kidnappers kill victims who have seen their faces. She is crying in desperation now.

Choi Young’s point of view:

When I saw her crying, I felt bad. She was crying like a child. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, while fresh tears gathered in her eyes. I don’t know what came over me, but I said those words to her. I really did. I had absolutely no prior intention of declaring such words, but the words left my mouth first even before I could think about it.
“I’m Choi Young, a warrior of Goryeo. In my name as a warrior, I’ll risk my life to ensure I send you back here again. This is a vow.”
I went in front of the retreating woman again, who suddenly passed out, staggering and stumbling. In her present state, I encircled her waist and held her in a hug.
The next moment, we stepped through the door and were hurtling through the tunnel.
Eun Soo’s point of view:
This was the first time I was descending from a high place. I opened my eyes, but the surroundings were so bright that that I closed my eyes again. I must have fainted. I have never fainted in my entire life. Someone was holding my waist and hugging me close. So I really did faint. I was dying in fear so I dug myself deeper into the embrace of whoever was hugging me and held on tighter. The descent was taking too long. 

to be continued...

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