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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Video - Lee Min Ho at Samsonite RED Event

Lee Min Ho at Samsonite RED Event yesterday..Aigooo..Handsome lah!

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Lee Min-ho will come back through drama in the second half of this year

Actor Lee Min-ho plans to meet his fans through a drama in the second half of this year.

An official from his agency, Starhaus Entertainment said to My Daily on February 26th, "We internally set up the plan to do three projects within this year (As the first half of the year has started) We have a plan to do a film in the mid-year and a drama in the second half of this year".

The agency explained, "Although things do not work as planned all the time, we're in the middle of process finding projects according to the plan. It's already March and those projects starting in mid-year have settled down, so it'll be hard for him to come back in the mid-year. So we're looking into the projects he can come back in the second half of the year".

On this day, Lee Min-ho attended 'RED Say with Lee Min-ho' , a talk show hosted by Samsonite Red and he said, "I believe I'll come back through a drama in the second half of this year" and "I hope I'll be able to deliver you a healing time through a good drama", which made his fans shout in excitement. .

Samsonite RED “RED Say with 이민호” Event

Aigooo..definitely Our Love From Another Star! Lee Min Ho from Samsonite RED Planet maybe?

Anyway..handsome and chic Minho attended Samsonite RED Event today.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Video - Lee Min Ho's Message For Hong Kong Minoz

Are you ready Hong Kong Minoz???

Oppa is coming your way!!

Meet him this 21st March 2015 for Re:Minho Hong Kong

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Video - Lee Min Ho @ Incheon Airport 20150215 many fans welcome him home! Until get stuck halfway..Mr BG has to do their part..hahaha

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Lee Min Ho @ Incheon Airport 20150225

Safely arrived in Korea.
Rest well Min Ho ya.. be ready for tomorrow Samsonite event.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lee Min Ho at Kyochon Event, Manila

More HD photos of Lee Minho at Kyochon event, Manila last night. I'm so happy for all PH Minoz, after 1 year, he returned back to Manila to meet all his Pinoy fans.

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Lee Min Ho @ Kyochon Fanmeet Manila

Owh wae??? His outfit is a bit off tonight. Where is the stylist?? Huwaa!! Not admiring it, but since he is handsome..i'm will just hang on...huwaa!!

Anyway, our jagiya is here, greeting all PH Minoz for Kyochon Chicken grand opening event at Greenhills Teater, Manila.

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