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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Faith Novel - Volume 2 Part 2

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 2
Eun Soo just found that her kidnapper is the legendary general Choi Young and is freaking out. She is in the medicinal quarters trying to come to terms that Psycho is the great warrior Choi Young, when the man himself appears…
Eun Soo’s point of view:
When he suddenly popped up in front of me, I almost screamed in fright. The tall man who almost made me collapse in shock leaned down towards me, obviously with no intention of letting me object.
“We are going to leave now.”
I guess he didn’t need to hear my answer, because he started to walk forward immediately.
I didn’t intend on moving at all. I just stood where I was and stared at him. He finally turned back, put his big hand on my back and started pushing me along with him.
“Excuse me! Wait a minute!”
I evaded his hand and was intending to halt where I was, but his big hand just came up again and continued to push me forward. As I being shoved forward, I couldn’t bear it anymore and asked him.
“Your name is Choi Young, right?”
“That’s right.”
His tone was wooden.
“There’s no other Choi Young around here, is there? No one the with same name of a higher
position ?”
” That’s right.”
That means this person is the General Choi Young recorded in history books. At this moment, that Choi Young was talking to me.
“I can’t move around right now. I’ll get a few guys I trust to stick close to you.”
“Stick close to me?”
“Please go ahead first. If possible, I’ll join you one day from now.”
“I have to leave now?”
“It’s dangerous here now. Something came up.”
“Something will happen to me? Who’s the culprit? Why?”
Choi Young’s point of view:
I let out an irritated sigh. In my whole life, I have never met a person who questioned and talked back at every word I said.
” You just have to follow my instructions.”
Eun Soo’s point of view:
This person called Choi Young should at least my questions, shouldn’t he? I swivelled around quickly to face him and he almost barged straight into me. At that, he stopped in his tracks and looked at me in embarrassment.
“Why am I in a dangerous situation? Who should I be afraid of? You have to tell me and I’ll be careful.”
Choi Young’s point of view:
The heavenly doctor stood there in front of me with her hands on her waist. What am I going to do with this person? Her mouth just won’t quit. Do I need to gag her, wrap her up in a sack and carry her out? Just as I was thinking whether to do that, I caught my breath. There was someone else here. The person’s position was somewhere towards the west of us. No. Was the person on the roof?
In the next moment, I wrapped my arms around her, dropped down on the flower bed and rolled across it. A fireball landed on the spot where we just were. We lay low on the floor and were plastered together without the smallest gap between us. It hit me she could have been hit by the flying broken pieces. I quickly ran my eyes over her. She was frightened and lifted her gaze to meet mine. She was not injured. 

Well, Choi Young discovers the perpetrator is a woman and they continually get barraged by fireballs. Choi Young decides this cannot go on or they’ll soon get hurt.
Choi Young’s point of view:
“Stay here for awhile.”
I released the woman in my embrace. She grabbed my shirt.
“Where are you going?”
Her tone wasn’t afraid and she wasn’t asking to be rescued. In fact, she looked worried for me.
“I’ll come back later.”
Eun Soo’s point of view:
At that, I let go of his shirt. This man had no fear. He was made for fighting.
We skip to the part where Choi Young is talking to Gong Min (GM) and Eun Soo eavesdrops. Choi Young actually blocked off an area as part of security as the king was with him. But Eun Soo somehow manages to slip pass the guards. She peeks through the gap of the window and sees Choi Young inside the room.
Eun Soo’s point of view:
He was inside the room – I could see the side of him. It was him. The person who pulled me into his embrace in the midst of raining fireballs. Even though I was out of my mind at that time, I was aware of what was going on. The man who hugged me close without leaving even a small gap between us. It wasn’t only about the fireballs. Even if the whole place exploded, he wanted to ensure the woman in his arms would not be harmed at all.

He was standing tall over there. Ever since he left to chase that strange woman, I had been worried sick. He said he would come back, but he didn’t and I was worried. Even though Jang Bin assured me he was fine, I was still worried. I stood there in the dark looking at him. How long he stood there I didn’t know; how long I stood in my position looking at him I didn’t know either. He just stood there, and I just kept on watching him stand there from where I was.
Dae Man’s point of view:
The heavenly woman, who is now known as the heavenly doctor. She is standing too close to the room. We were given orders that no one was allowed to get close. Should I stop her and escort her away? I kept myself hidden from her view while I mulled over what to do. She looked as if she was trying to listen to what was been said inside the room.
I was going to approach her when she smiled. As the heavenly doctor peeked through the window into the room, her smile gradually became wider. My animalistic instincts kicked in and I realised immediately why she was smiling. The heavenly doctor was looking at Daejang. Because he was safe and sound, she was relieved. The heavenly doctor was on Daejang’s side.
What can I say? It just gets better every second, doesn’t it?

to be continued..

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