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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Faith Novel - Part 1

The love story of our Daejang and Eun Soo was written in novel and are now in English translation . I found it online. ALL CREDITS TO

Vol 1 excerpts – Part I

The the first excerpt, which wasn’t filmed in the drama. The below takes place sometime in Episode 2: Eun Soo tries to escape after stitching up the queen but Choi Young stops her. Gong Min appears and the conversation ends with Eun Soo throwing that hilarious tantrum on the floor. This is what happens next (from Choi Young’s point of view)…

I stand and watch her departing back. Dae Man shows her to her room and she obediently follows him. She turns back when she reaches the door of the room. Her face is pale. The lips which were as as bright as her hair had also lost its colour. I’m sorry I got her into this… and because of that, I’m feeling more and more uneasy about the whole thing. I must send her back as quickly as possible.

My left shoulder remembers the weight. When I had to escort the woman back here…that weight. And that scent. How can such a scent come from a human being? It is because she is a heavenly person? It smells similar to some kind of flower. But I can’t remember what flower it is. And because I can’t remember, I keep thinking about it. It’s a fragrance of a flower that I know…

Though I know this whole situation is a nightmare to her, it’s totally different to me. Even from the point we were crossing through heaven’s door. I didn’t know how to handle her…but on the contrary, she dug deeper into my embrace. My left arm remembers the feeling. Her hair…her lips…that scent….I’m increasingly becoming addicted to it… the time spent with that woman when we were crossing through heaven’s door is filling up my memory….I must send her back as soon as possible. 

to be continued..

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