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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lee Min Ho's New Album - Song For You

Waahh..can't wait to hear all his new songs...

For those who want to order, follow the link below..Enjoy!!

 ‎Lee Min Ho's‬,  new album Song For You is also available via Taobao, expected release date 13/10

Another source via

For international buyers interested for #LeeMinHo 2nd Album "Song 4 u",can preorder via source

However NOTE: Region Code is TBC (To be confirmed) Hopefully it is ALL Region Code. Release Date 15/10/14 , may varies in other supplier site and country.

Additional Info:Korean version is with Poster Lyrics(Korean / Chinese / Japanese / English lyrics), 8 postcards,Photostand+notebook

That's Why We Love You Min Ho!!

As I shared with you all in my previous post, during Min Ho's departures to Seoul Incheon, 29th September 2014, there was a scene at the airport whereby one girl fell down, Min Ho just stopped walking and tried to help, but his bodyguard quickly help the girl up...

These photos are the evidence..just look at shocked he was..

Owh..I am so touched...I love him more even now...don't you?

Photos: credit owner

Lee Min Ho October 2014 Schedule

Lee Min Ho's upcoming schedule in October 2014..I believe the calendar is almost full of his activities despite not shown here..Fighting Min Ho ssi!!

Subject to changes..
Photo: credit as tagged

Lee Min Ho! Youre My DIVA!!!

Hi all!

An Unforgettable Moment with Lee Min Ho and Osim uDiva Event has just ended last weekend..which left us the sweetest memory of our life with MinHo..

I'm pretty sure most of you still on Cloud 9..hahaha

same with ME!!  lols...

I just wanna share my experience during Minho's trip here in Malaysia....

We'll go by date...

here's is my diary...


12.30 pm..went to Kyochon 1 Utama with my friends for lunch..need to spend RM 50 to get this awesome poster from Kyochon..

2.00 look for Minho's gift..

I bought my gift earlier...just accompanying my friends to get theirs

Hope MinHo will like my small gift..

4.00 pm... went to KLIA welcome his arrival here

Initially, we didn't know where he will show up..It's either VIP exit or Normal exit..

But we gambled.. we waited at the VIP Exit..

And lucky us..he used the VIP exit..he was damned handsome!!

I was following him from behind..wondering how am I gonna handover my gift to him..

I got pushed and blocked by the Osim bodyguard as well as the Airport police...

My body still sore until now..hahaha...

After a few times..still cannot get his attention of my gift...

Until he reached his car..the car drove off....huhu

But lucky! Mr Bodyguard Lee Kyu Heon was there, I passed my gift..and he took it!! What a relief!!

Went back home after that..

29.09.2014 - Event Day

9.30 am - We went to the venue that early since we heard that there was a new seating arrangement..first come first serve basis..just to secure our seat..we went there early..

The hallway was still empty when we got there..but after a few was filled with Minoz..

2.15 pm..the event started..sorry of the quality of my hand were shaking..hahaha

3.00 pm event has ended

I went to attend the press conference..

There I was able to get a closer look of Min Ho ssi..

It was my most closed encounter with him..he was really damned handsome and me!!

I was looking and staring at him the whole 30 minutes of the presscon..

Can't get enough...

After finished the presscon..we went to enjoy some refreshments

OSim also gave us these souvenirs..Thanks OSIM..

After that we all rushed to the send him off to Seoul...there was a scene at the airport, while he was walking, a girl fell down...he tried to help but his bodyguard quickly lift the girl up..owh! sweet of you Min ho ssi..that is why we love we love you more and more...

Annyeongi Kaseyo Kim tan...till we meet again next year!! 

I was nice to see you here in my homeland, Malaysia..


Lee Min Ho @ Osim Event - Part II

OSim Malaysia released these HD photos of Lee Min Ho during OSim event last Sunday..enjoy!!

Photos: credit OSIM

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