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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Re:Minho Bangkok Journal

It's a tough decision! Yeah..been thinking go or not to go.

The trauma of Singapore concert being cancelled still haunted me. But for the love of Minho and since I missed him so much, I decided to go!

Now..travelling alone is not easy. Moreover it's a country that I have never been before and the language barrier. I feel worried.

I actually have a Thai friend. Her name is Bow. But she is not Minoz. Infact she is Runningman's fan. Lol...

I asked her if she can guide me in Bangkok and join me for the concert. Luckily she agreed! Yahoo!

So I purchased Package D ticket. It consist of 1 Vip ticket and 1 category B ticket which enble me to get 1 hi touch with Minho. Wohoo! Excited much. Total for those 2 ticket was 10,500 thb.

On 27th Dec 2014...I to Bangkok alone. Pretty much scared but for the sake of MinHo I pulled throughy. Bow was waiting for me at the Don Mueng airport. She was cute, warm and nice.

We arrived at Queen Siriket Convention Centre about 1 pm. Many Minoz are already there. I rushed to the official merchandise booth. But most of the items were sold out. Only the tee, sligan towel and cap available. I bought myself 2 tees; black and white.

We went for lunch and waiting at the venue. At about 5 the venue is filled with Minoz.

We are asked to be at the Atrium area for hi touch session. I met a few Thai Minoz. They were sweet and friendly.

Then its was my turn to enter the room hi touch room. The room was dark. I just followed the alley and at the end of the alley I saw him...yeah..our Minho ssi..he was smiling while his hand are up. Teady for hi touch. When i put my hand at his hand, the gripped it and said Thank You..waahh..I cannot described what I felt at that timw. Its overwhelming. The has such a smalland glowing face. I swar won't wash my hand for one week!

One of my dream came true that day. Thank you Minho ya for fulfilling it!

The concert started about 7.15 pm. He sang Painful Love, My Everything, Paradise of Love, You & I, Song For You and the rest.

It was a great concert. I was jumping up and down together with him. Really enjoyed it. Thank you too to Wang Entertainment for making this concert a reality. It was a great memories.

Enjoy some of my photos there!

Thanks for reading.

Lee Min Ho @ Gimpo Airport 20141230 (HD)

HD photos of Lee Min Ho at Gimpo Airport last night upon returning from Shanghai China.

Although tired still managed to smile to the fans. Thats why we love him.

Photos: ©® tagged

Lee Min Ho at Gimpo Airport 20141230

Lee Min Ho has safely arrived from Shanghai China.

Rest well Min Ho ssi..I am sure you will have to prepare for Re:Minho concert in Seoul.

Photos: credit owner

Monday, December 29, 2014


Morning! A set of vitaminho for our energy booster today.

Collections of Lee Min Ho's photo during the recording of Kuai Nian TV programme in Shanghai yesterday.

Happy working!

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