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Monday, June 30, 2014

Lee Min Ho's Facebook

Lee Min Ho's facebook account has surpassed 15 million likes..

Congrats to you Min Ho ssi..


Check this out Minoz..Min Ho ssi was wearing the same sandal for 3 have been very comfortable..

Photos: credit as tagged


Tuesday doses of VitaMinHo..Lee Min Ho during Semir Fan meeting press conference

Photos: credit as tagged

Video of Lee Min Ho @ Incheon Airport 20140630

Lee Min Ho at Incheon Airport this morning

Video: credit LUCK2

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Monday doses of VitaMinHo..collection of Lee Min Ho's photos in HD during OSIM event and at Incheon Airport this morning..

Photos: credit as tagged

[SportsSeoul Special Launch] Hallyu King #LeeMinHo Being a Korean Star

The interview with Sports Seoul with Hallyu King Lee Min Ho..such a humble and down to earth person inside..

Photos: credit (via@ Mosquito)

Video of Lee Min Ho at OSIM Event

Hugging, taking photos, eating, cutting cake, waahh....envy..lols

Video: credit Minoz Peace

Lee Min Ho @ Incheon Airport 20140630

Lee Min Ho has finally reached home..such a happy face..take a rest and eat well..

I am very touched with the commitment shown by this man..3 days of fully hectic scheduled..not everyone can handled it like he does..really love him!

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Lee Min Ho Facebook & Twitter Updates

Although he is super busy with hia schedule..his team still updates his Facebook and twitter account last night with a remark "Thank You" to Hong Kong fans that made him his birthday card...sweet boy..

Photos: credit Minho's FB


Lee Min Ho at Hong Kong Airport 20140630

Lee Min Ho at Hong Kong Airport heading back to Seoul..have a safe flight and make sure you rest well until your next Gangnam Blues shooting Min Ho ssi..

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