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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Faith Novel - Part 7

Vol 1 excerpts – Part VII
They are heading towards the palace. Eun Soo is in a horse carriage again.
I was still suffering from a headache due to the journey by sea. I had tried seeking him out on the boat a few times, but was rejected. Twice, thrice…I tried to find him, only to be stopped by those arrogant men of his.
That’s right. Why would a person who wanted to die want to do with the very person who stabbed him then saved him? Every time I look at him, I think he is a psychopath. But every time I look at him, I feel like killing myself for almost becoming a killer. Why am I this way? What am I going to do? How did I become like this? No matter how much I think about it, I can’t believe what I did. I had stabbed someone with a sword with my own hands.
“Imja didn't do this.”
Those were his words. That’s right. Though I was intending to stab him as I was running towards him, I didn't have the confidence to pierce him deep. I didn't know how deep I was going to stab him. I was simply acting without much thought. I didn't know the sword would be so effective. I didn’t know the armour, which looks so thick, could be so easily pierced through by the sword.
Despite not knowing all that, I just picked up the sword and ran towards him. That man just accepted the sword and drove it deeper into himself. For a second then, my senses returned. Why did he do that? Did he really want to die? Whatever it is, I have to meet him. And when I meet him, we need to talk.
Above all else, I wanted to check on his post-op wound, which I am very worried about. The fact that no antibiotics were used and the danger of infection scared me. Therefore, I want to ask him how he is. Also, I want to ask him why he didn't avoid my sword. Why must he do that in front of me. And…I want to ask him why he said those words…”Imja didn't do this.”

I remember the strong hand that grabbed the collar of my shirt. At that moment, we were so close that our breaths were mingling…I remember all that. His nice, quiet voice is still vivid in my thoughts. Though his face was contorted with pain, he still talked with strength. Since then, those words have been echoing around me, covering and surrounding me.
To be continued...

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