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Monday, September 9, 2013

Faith Novel - Volume 2 - Part 1

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 1

I swear Song Ji Na is pouring her heart and soul into the novel version of Faith to make up for the fact that she wasn’t able to film everything she intended to in the drama version.
The first volume was pretty straightforward and quite similar to the drama, but the second volume is chock-full of scenes and opinions not reflected in the drama. We have everyone from Jang Bin to Deok Man to Dae Man trying to figure out how Eun Soo and Choi Young feel about each other. I tell ya – there is major shipping of the OTP going on in the novel.

That’s why I’ve been mulling over what to start translating first. After much thought, I’ve decided to translate the scenes that physically feature both Eun Soo and Choi Young first. When I’m done with that, I’ll go back and translate parts that involve everyone else wondering what the heck Eun Soo and Choi Young are up to. Hope this format works for you guys. Warning: this second volume is tons more substantial than the first one, so you may go off-track mid-way. I’ll try my best to make it as lively as possible!
This scene wasn’t filmed in the drama at all. This takes place after Eun Soo is given a set of Goryeo clothes to change into. The part when she has a hilarious conversation with Jang Bin about wormholes and Einstein, and her lack of knowledge about Hwata.
Deok Man, who is sent to keep watch over her, goes off to report to Choi Young.

Choi Young’s point-of-view:
“She is well. Nothing unusual has happened so far and she’s now at the medicinal quarters.”
When I heard what Deok Man said, I stopped what I was doing and asked “Was she given her meals?”
“Deok Gi served the meals to her. She didn’t leave anything behind – she finished everything. She’s with Jang Bin now. But I overheard them talking and find something really strange.”
‘What is it?”
“She doesn’t seem to know much about Hwata. And she kept asking about everything. She doesn’t know much about the medicine , too. She was surprised to find out she was sampling a part of a toad.”
“The language they use in heaven is different from what we use here.”
“Ahhh…that’s why she doesn’t know anything.”
“Pass a message to Jang Bin that I’m here.”
“Are you not going to the medicinal quarters?”
“Ask Jang Bin to come here…quietly.”
“Quietly? That means…you don’t want the heavenly doctor to know?”
I just turned around and faced the other direction.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
I have been at the medicinal quarters since morning. In between, I made some disinfectant together with Jang Bin. A woodalchi guard appeared and whispered into Jang Bin’s ear. Jang Bin immediately picked up some herbs and headed towards the exit. I caught up with him and grabbed his arm.
“That person is here, right?”
Jang Bin just stared at me. His lack of reply meant that I was right.
“I’m going, too. I want to meet him.”
But when I tried to leave, Jang Bin stopped me.
“If he wants to meet you, he will come and find you personally.”
“That’s just his opinion. I have to meet him. There is a lot to talk about when I see him.”
“I will let him know you want to meet him.”
With that, Jang Bin left with the guard, leaving me by myself.

He’s here. The person they called Daejang, the tall person who has rarely words to say. The person who kidnapped and brought me here, the person I almost killed. The person who is possibly dying now. I hesitated for about 15 seconds before making the decision to follow Jang Bin. I was worried sick about him. Until now, he is the first patient of mine that I have fretted over so much before.
He was waiting at the entrance of the herb garden.
The moment I saw him, I instinctively leapt behind a tree and hid. It had been difficult following Jang Bin and the guard, as they were walking really fast. As I slowly regained my breath, I stayed hidden the tree and looked at him. I could only see his profile. His complexion didn’t look good. He looked like death.
Choi Young’s point-of-view:
I heard Jang Bin’s footfalls and turned around. And when I did, I saw someone wearing a white gown hiding behind a tree. Was there someone following him? Holding in the pain in my torso, I pricked my ears and concentrated. Someone was trying to catch his/her breath, someone who didn’t know how to conceal his/her breathing. It was that person. From her breathing, I could tell she had run all the way here. She can’t even walk properly…what is she up to again??
When Jang Bin was in front of me, he turned to Deok Man, “Go back to the medicinal quarters. The heavenly doctor can’t be left alone.”
Deok Man started to turn back, so I said, “Not now, go a little later.”
It was apparent she ran after and followed Jang Bin without him knowing. Why? To see me? I didn’t dare look in her direction, but all my thoughts were in that direction.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
I could only see one side of him from where I was. That person probably haven’t smiled once in his whole life, that person with the expressionless face. I started to get angry as I continued to look at him. I wanted to drag him to nearest bed and force him to lie down. I wanted to take his temperature, take a blood sample and give him a thorough checkup.
But why am I just standing here doing nothing? I hesitated. This scenario reminded of a similar scenario that I had buried deep in my heart. Long time ago, I stood hidden like this and looked at another man. I never felt the same way about anyone after that. I thought I had forgotten about it for good. But now, the same feeling is creeping over me. Yoo Eun Soo. Why are you like this.

Choi Young’s point-of-view:
Though I looked as if I was talking and waiting for Jang Bin to reply my questions, I was just randomly making conversation. That person is holding her breath now. Is she looking at me? If she is here to see me, why isn’t she appearing in front of me? Why is she just stopping there and standing there? Is she looking at me?

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
I liked a guy secretly for three years while in university. I thought it was love, so I poured all my heart and soul into him. I did everything I could. Even when he started to avoid me, I kept following him, like what I was doing now. I thought by following him, his heart would return to me. But it didn’t and one day I decided to stop. Is this what love is? From then on, I decided to live in realism.
I turned by body around. No matter what, why should my heart feel this way? What’s this? Stalker’s syndrome? I was kidnapped and dragged here by him. At that thought, I felt dirty. It was the same feeling I got when I was a club. I sat beside a man I didn’t know, smiled at him. When he touched my arm, I felt like throwing up. Not that I didn’t like him. I just couldn’t stand myself – the one who was sitting there. 

Choi Young’s point-of-view:
I couldn’t bear it anymore so I turned in her direction. She was already leaving the building. Jang Bin and Deok Man followed by line of vision and finally realised she had followed them. I told Deok Man quietly, ” You can go now. When you do, guard her well. Don’t let her escape from where she is.”
GAH. I confess I didn’t translate every line of this scene, but I did translate most of Eun Soo’s and Choi Young’s thoughts and feelings. Now we know why Eun Soo had such a tough time accepting Choi Young’s feelings for her. And Choi Young? I seriously think there isn’t a single icky bone on this Song Ji Na hero. I just love him more with every scene I translate from the novel.

to be continued..

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