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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Faith Novel - Part 3

Vol 1 excerpts – Part III
The novel really fills in all the gaps on how and what the OTP felt as they interacted with each other. Love it.
Still on Episode 2. Right after Choi Young informs Eun Soo that the queen has woken up from her coma and he is going to escort her back to heaven’s door.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
I don’t know whether I should trust him. I look at the sword strapped on his back. A sword that kills people. He can’t be trusted. I look at his eyes. And those eyes are quietly looking at me. I can trust him…right?
Choi Young easily picks her up though she struggles to be let down.
His eyes looked as if they were smiling…And I wonder whether it is okay to be carried in this pychopath’s embrace…his two solid arms were like pillars around me.

I struggle again and he pretends to drop me saying “If you fall, you’re going to break.”
I decided to listen to him and we got on a horse. I started to get uncomfortable as the horse began to move. He noticed and from behind, he asked, ” Are you uncomfortable?”
“Just endure a little longer.” came his reply.
From his voice, it sounded as if he was smiling, but it cannot be.
From Choi Young’s point-of-view:
I haven’t felt so good in a long time. Even though she has shed tears, the heavenly woman was strong until the end and I felt a bit more at ease at that. I am glad that I can finally send her back for good.
From the moment I carried her over my shoulder in heaven and brought her back, my heart has increasingly been wavering. Once I send her back, I will be able to go back to my original state. Also, once she goes through heaven’s door, she will forget all the hardship she had gone through here. Because she’s a strong woman…therefore, she will forget…right?
My thoughts returned to the woman in my arms. Compared to Goryeo women, she was taller. She filled my arms. I remember her flower-like scent. The wind blew her bright hair across my face. I will remember her scent and her hair only. It looks like I’ll think of her in unexpected moments as I carry on with my life. Heaven…the place where she belongs…will not be easily forgotten.
They reach heaven’s door and Choi Young asks Eun Soo to go through it. She is skeptical but he assures her she will be able to return to her world. He bows his head deeply at her.
Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
I turned back and looked pointedly at him. I took a couple of steps towards him, but then halted. I didn’t want to look as if I was frightened to go back. I turn to look at him again. His head was still bowed. Therefore, I couldn’t see his eyes. If I could see his eyes, I think I would know…I will know that I can believe everything that he said.
Aaah….the novel is just soooo good. I think Eun Soo was unconsciously attracted and reeled in by Choi Young’s eyes from the beginning. And I don’t blame her – LMH’s eyes said it all and more from the start to finish. They were just so expressive…totally killer.

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