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Thursday, April 30, 2015

SNS Updates

I think he automatically connects his sns. FB, twitter,weibo and Insta updated at the same time.
Such a sweet and caring man. #pray for nepal. We can channel our Support through PMZ. They are joining unicef for this good cause to help the children of Nepal that was affected by an earthquake recently.

Samsonite Red Series

I went to Mid Valley Shopping centre today. Stopped by at Samsonite store. I saw him there..yes him..standing there holding his back.

The ballon series is already there but the voy haven't arrived. Maybe by early May 2015.

His black ballon cost RM 1,049.00 each.

51st Baeksang Award

Lee Minho has been nominated as one of the best Rookie actor in movie and the most popular actors for the prestigous 51st Baeksang Awards.

As a fan, we can participate to vote gor him for the most popular actor. Let's do our part. But this vote requires us to pay. The charge is USD 4.33 for 20 votes per day. It's chargable via paypal.

Just install the 51st Baeksang Awards application via play store on your phone. And follow the instruction provided there. It's quite simple.

Done my part! Good luck to you Minho ya. Fighting!

Video - Innisfree Miniseries Web Drama

These two looks good

Lee Minho and Yoona for Innisfree Web Drama Summer Love

Vid: cr owner

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gangnam 1970 Premiere in Malaysia

Finally...after waiting for ages, Gangnam 1970 will be released in Malaysia on 21st May 2015.

I am joing force with a few Malaysian minoz to gather all fans to watch the movie together.

Hope to receive warm response from.all of you.

Please PM me if you wanna join. We need around 90 pax to book a movie hall.

Let's support Lee Minho and Kim Jong Dae!

May 2015 Calendar

Welcome May! welcome Spring!

Please be good to us....i wish everyone happiness

Photos: cto

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Collections

I am quite free today. Sharing some of my Lee Minho collections that bears his unique signature. I really adored his signature..even tried to copied once but epic fail!! Lol

Some are real signature such as the album and the Innisfree hankie. Enjoy!


Can't help but sharing these photos of Kim Tan. He is incredibly handsome during the photo shoot for the engagement photos. Taken from BTS dvd of Heirs Japan version.

Photos: cr owner

Video: Lee Min Ho for Yadea

Aigoo..these youtube vids are all big size...I will try to find the smaller ones later

Hhere's the Yadea CF featuring Lee Minho. Handsome ya?

Video: cr owner

Lee Minho for Yadea

We are blessed today. Two commercial in one day! Hell yeah!! Let's just hope he will update his Insta..

Lee Minho endorsing Yadea Electric motor.

Photos: cto

Video - Innisfree Miniseries Summer Sonata

Omo..very seductive!

Two teaser  for Innisfree Miniseries Summer Sonata

Video: credit owner

Monday, April 27, 2015


Innisfree new commercial. Waiting for the video. At this moment..let's feast our eye with these screen shots.

Photos: cr owner


28th April 2013. Lee Minho attended Trugen fansign event in Korea

Photos: credit owner

My Selca With MinHo

Hahaha..can you guys spot me?? Even though did't get the chance to be photographed together with Minho, I am grateful for this photo..

Photo: cr 11street

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