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Monday, September 23, 2013

Sprinklers Rain for Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye


Lee Min-ho and Park Sin-hye in the new SBS drama "The Heirs" were seen filming at an almond farm.

The drama is being filmed in the US for a more perfect quality of the drama. The drama has been filming in very foreign and scenic places such as Malibu Beach in LA and Hollywood.

Lee Min-ho and Park Sin-hye were seen at an almond farm on the 8th. They are looking at each other behind a spring cooler spraying water. The two have shown great teamwork up until now with thorough rehearsals and script reading. They go over their routes and ideas with the producer before going in front of the camera and melting into their given roles.

Lee Min-ho was in a suit in the unexpectedly hot weather and said, "Everyone had a hard time filming outside with no shade the while day but we worked hard to create a good scene. It was nice filming with nature".

Hwa and Dam Pictures say, "Lee Min-ho and Park Sin-hye are exhausted from the endless filming since the very time they got here but their passion for their work hasn't changed. As much as everyone worked hard for this, the result will be that much more satisfactory".

Photo cr. TopstarNews.Net
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