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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Faith Novel - Part 8

Vol 1 excerpts – Part VIII

I finally ordered Volume 2! It should be nicely tucked away in the belly of some cargo plane right now, making its way towards me. And since I’m almost done with translating excerpts from Volume 1, I should be working on Volume 2 within the next couple of weeks.
Choi Young is thinking of his father and “talking” to him. They have returned to the palace and he is hiding somewhere trying to heal himself via his qi.
“Father, I can’t do this anymore. I have done everything that I can.”
He is referring to his duty to country.
I have repaid every single debt that I have owed…except that last one to the heavenly woman. Once I have repaid my debt to her, I can leave this world. Because of that, I have to keep on living. I take off my Armour and start using my qi to work on the wound. I saw that it has gotten infected.
The heavenly woman with the bright hair…I have to send her back…I owe her that.
Don’t tell me she is somewhere crying? Her eyes, filled with tears, like a child…
We skip to the part where Choi Young is peeping at Eun Soo through the door. She is at the medical department.
I heard her voice and realised she was in one of the rooms. I could see her through the slits in the door.
“Yeobuseyo? Hello? Is there anyone here?”
She looked as she wanted someone to guide her somehow. I continued to hide behind the door and stare at her though the slits. I just acted instinctively – not really knowing why I was doing this. When no one replied her, she started talking in a louder voice.
” What is this? If you escort someone here, you have to at least show the person around. It would be good if I could wash up. Where’s the restroom? Why isn’t anyone giving me food? They were suppose to give me some!”
I started smiling without actually being aware I was doing so. What a relief. She wasn’t crying. Though she always seem to be complaining she was in some kind of pain, her voice was still loud and clear. She was still using heavenly words to swear. She was still as lively as ever. But I still flinched.
She raised her leg up. Ah. I could see she had hurt her knee. Without reservations, she suddenly pulled her pants up to her knee. In a flash, I could see her pale-skinned leg and I quickly lowered my head and turned away.
I could her voice through the door, “Ahhhh.. so painful.”
On hearing that, I replied in my heart, “That’s why you should be more careful.” But I didn’t say it aloud.
I didn’t really dare to say that face-to-face and there’s wasn’t a need to anyway. If I appear in front of her again, she might try to grab my wrist again. I don’t want to go near her anymore. With that thought, I raised my head to look at her again. She was sitting there alone, with a forlorn and pathetic expression on her face. But though her face was forlorn, those eyes of hers were still very bright. Those eyes of hers…it would be better if I don’t remember them…

She looked like she’s doing fine. I plan to send a couple of woodalchi over to guard her. She started grumbling about her pants and tried to repair it herself. Because of this annoying woman, while I am being weighed down by what I have to do, I’m confused and bewildered but I forgot about my pain from the wound for a short while. I even forgot about the tasks lined up that I have to do for the new king. I didn’t realise that I was unconsciously being affected by her.
To be continued...
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