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Sunday, June 28, 2015


It's Monday blues again..wae..wae?

I wish the clock stops on

Enjoy these vitaminho shots to beat the heat this week

My Samsonite Collections

I am still saving to get the Blue Voy! It will took me ages to get one! Hahaa..

Anyway..l managed to get these cute items of Samsonite for my collections.

Happy and satisfied. Can't ask for more

Friday, June 26, 2015


He is a very handsome man indeed. Just look at these photos...can't deny it.

Photos: ©® owner

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Video - Lee Min Ho - Thank You Special Clip

oh my..I'm melting..listening and watching the clips..makes me wanna cry..perfect for our eye and ears candy

Video: cr owner

TNGT is really hard to avail TNGT catalouge. I have tried so many times..maybe its not my luck ㅠㅠㅠ

Anyway..I managed to get this cute mini folded catalouge instead with a minimum purchase. Nah..happy enough. Better than nothing.


Here is the collection of photos for the Thank You album.

Looking dazzlingly handsome. Enjoy your day!

Photos: ©® owner


이민호 gracing the cover pace if Men's Uno magazine Malaysia July 2015 issue

Woohoo! Handsome!

Will fly to the bookstore this instant!

Photos: ©® owner

Monday, June 22, 2015

[News] Lee Min Ho Surprises Fans with Song ′Thank You′ on Birthday

Lee Min Ho has released Thank You, a song for his fans, in time for his birthday.
Lee Min Ho surprised fans with Thank You, a song he wrote himself, through his official fanclub MINOZ on June 22.
The song is a gift that expresses Lee Min Ho′s thankful heart for the the fans, who have supported him for nine years.
Thank You was composed by Hwang Chan Hee, who created Lee Min Ho′s first special album,My Everything, for the fans in May 2013, and Lee Min Ho′s thankful heart for his fans is expressed in the lyrics he penned himself.
The lyrics contain Lee Min Ho′s heart for his fans who have shown their unchanging love since his debut.
Lee Min Ho stated why he gifted fans with the song through his agency, Starhaus Entertainment, saying "Because the fans were with me since my debut, my 20s were more meaningful and happy.
I wanted to create memories with the fans. Following the song′s release in Korea, the song will be available to fans all around the world.
Lee Min Ho′s love for his fans is exceptional. Last year, Lee Min Ho created a donation site, PROMIZ, combining his name and his fanclub′s name (MINOZ), participating in joint donation activities, most recently donating 100 million won in the fanclub′s name to UNICEF for the Nepal earthquake victims.
MINOZ has been pouring its strength into various charities and donation efforts through Lee Min Ho′s name.
Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is set to star in upcoming blockbuster Bounty Hunters. Bounty Hunters is set in various cities across Asia, centered on the stories of bounty hunters, and is being hailed the most-anticipated film of 2016.
Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Thank You for Being Born

First of all, I just wanna wish a very happy birthday to you Minho ya. Thank you for being born. You have been my inspiration, my laughter, my sadness. You brought us Minoz together as one. 

No matter how high the sky is, there is no limit..
No matter how deep the sea is, there is no boundaries
Fly to the moon and back..
we still love you!

Just a humble wish from me..Happy Birthday!

On this day, we thought we wanna surprised you, but you surprised us back with a lovely song written and sung by you..Thank you..

Read it...

I didn't know
Before we met
What it meant to be loved
I know it now
Because of you
Thanks to you
I'm a new man

In this moment, at this time
Just want it, just take it in

I don't know it all
If I;m even good enough to keep you strong
But I promise
To stay by your side, so lean on me

Only love overflows on the path we're on
Only a gentle breeze under our breath
Be happy, I mean that with all my heart
I simply want to give back for the love you've given

Time will pass but my heart longs for you, always
This warmth deep inside my heart
Is my stronghold
We'l always be together, you and I
For all eternity, as we are now

Listen to it..

His birthday message..


I'm Lee Minho
Thank you everyone who congratulated me. A lot of fans celebrate my birthday
I appreciate my fans (bow). The day is gloomy and sad because it is the last birthday of my twenties.
but I can have pleasures with you, my fans..
Thank you so much everybody, Please be happy. Thank you.

There you have it..a day worth waiting for..

Happy Birthday again..

이민호 Sns Updates 20150622

이민호 updated his Sns account on his birthday today. He is leisurely wearing shorts and opening minoz gifts..kyaaa!

Friday, June 19, 2015


Happy weekend all. Oir vitamins for today. 이민호 for Lotte Duty Free

Photos: ©® owner

이민호 at Gimpo Airport 20150619 (HD)

Sharing some HD photos of 이민호 at Gimpo Airport earlier today upon returning from Jejudo.

Photos: ©® owner

이민호 at Gimpo Airport 20150619

He is back from Jejudo. Although nobody spotted him went there..we managed to capture his arrival photos.

Kudos to all Korean Minoz who were at the airport

Photos:  ©® owner

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