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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye Chemistry????

In my opinion, Min Ho and Shin Hye has no chemistry at all..not even a bit..just look at these's like sibling relationship??? Min Ho has always been in a drama with a female lead that is older than him, and I think that is why he is been matured all this while..with Shin Hye..who is younger than him..hmmm..I don't know, it's my thought, since I do not like the "duh" look of Shin Hye in every photos. I have watched all her dramas previously, she has definitely no chemistry with all her lead actor.. I can tell that she have always this single look ("Huh") that annoys me..and the most important thing is, she doesn't know how to kiss..and guess what, I am starting to miss Hye sad imagining this when we saw a lot of hot shots of Min ho in the US.

 I hope that my concern will fade away once the drama starts next month. Keeping my finger cross!! I hope the story line will overcome this awkward between these two lead, since what I can say, the writer only cares about these characters popularity..

Photos: credit to the owner

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