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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Faith Novel - Part 5

Vol 1 excerpts – Part V
Ironically, though translating excerpts from the Faith novel burns out a fair amount of my brain cells, it strangely has a rather calming effect on me. Even on a harried work trip. Maybe it’s because I love the drama so much and learning the background story to the various scenes just makes me love it more. And I’m happy to know there are still Faith fans out there who are equally interested in learning more of the story. Thank you for all your kind comments :) 
This segment takes place after Eun Soo pierces Choi Young. The Woodalchi (royal bodyguards of which Choi Young is the captain) are carrying him back to the inn to get treated. Choi Young has just told Eun Soo that she didn’t stab him – he allowed himself to get stabbed.
Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
I could see the expression in his eyes: it was one that showed he was going to give up totally. When I saw that, I became more frightened.
“Hey you.”
I fixed him with an unwavering stare. I refused to back off. I bent toward his ear.
“I’m going to save you. And since I’m going to save you, don’t you dare think of leaving. Do you get me?”
He didn’t move or react. But at that moment, I saw his eyes flicker with indecision. He was still conscious. My heart strangely wavered when I saw his eyes. In a bid to control my wavering heart, I purposely shouted at those around me.
“Light up all the candles! Make this place as bright as possible!”
Choi Young’s point-of-view:
I opened my eyes for a second. That woman was not going to give up, was she? I was slowly losing consciousness, but I could still hear the voices of the woman and the royal doctor. My eyes closed again. I was going back to a deeper, darker place. The woman’s voice was drifting further and further away.
When Jo Il Shin said to abandon me with the sword pierced and leave, I almost smiled. I see. This is the way. To die with the sword that has been beside me every day for the past seven years isn’t a bad way to go. I felt better when I thought of that. But that woman stubbornly refused to give up.
Ah, so annoying.
Does she really think she can save me? Despite my strong protests, she is one who refuses to listen to what I have to say.

Her bright red hair…and that fragrance. Those were my last thoughts before I slipped into unconsciousness.
to be continued..
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