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Thursday, March 31, 2016

April 2016 calendar

Hello April. Please be good to me..

Please. ..I need good luck for tomorrow..please

SharIng some April 2016 calendars

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이민호 at NAIA Manila 20160331

Safely reached Manila. Rest well.

Time for me to sleep too. Gotta catch early flight tomorrow.

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이민호 at Incheon Airport 20160331

Lee Min Ho at Incheon Airport flying to Manila for Bench event on Saturday 2 April 2016.

Looking forward to meet you again..

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kyochon True Flavour True Story with Lee Min Ho - Part 2

First thing to prepare is his gift. Although I am not sure if I have the chance to pass to him.

One day as I stroll One Utama shopping centre, I saw Nutella doing a promotion. You can have your name printed at nutella bottle. So i decided to make one for Min ho and myself.

But sadly I didnt get the chance to give to him sad..

Min Ho departed from Seoul at about 5 pm and schedule to reach Malaysia at 11 pm.

I was at the airport with my friends. Everytime he came here I asked myself..what is your mission at airport? Take photo? Take vid? Or just look at him closely. This time around I decided to pass him my gift but because the security is very tight I didnt managed to give him. I just walk behind him and beside the airport guards..

25.03.2016 Event day
I reached the venue about 1 pm. Met Minoz friends and had lunch at Kyochon. Actually at every Min Ho event, meeting Minoz friends are the best me! 

Many Minoz from overseas and local had been waiting at the venue since 10 am. 

Winners are schedule to register at 3 pm and media at 4 pm. This time around I didnt registered as media coz I already had my pass as the winner. 

We have to queue behind the stage until 5 pm. Overall the event in my opinion was very messy. Maybe it was their first event.  We felt quite dissappointed for several reasons.

Min Ho visited Kyochon restaurant for a while at 5.30 pm and after that he went straight at the venue.

At around 6 pm..our prince appeared. Wearing a deep V shape shirt and black pant. Very handsome indeed.  

Here are some photos that I took during the event.

And here are my group photo with Min Ho. Initially I thought that I only win the calendar but upon winners registration, kyochon staff told me that I will go for group photo. I was really shocked and nervous. Didnt expect it at all. As I walked towards the stage I saw him lookjng at us...then when I reached the stage he offer hisbhandbfor a handshake. I quickly hand out my hand too..his hand was very soft and warm. I looked up at damn freaking handsome and tall..he smiled looking at my expression..It was a very sweet memories of me and him. For about 7 years I followed you here and there. This was the first time I got the chance to be captured in the same frame with you. The feeling is just great. Thank you Min Ho for the memories..I shall cherish it forever.

It was raining that day..poor Minoz who stand outside the barrier were drenched in rain. Min Ho also surprised by thr thunder few But I really salute those Minoz..still standing there for him. The event took about 20-30 minutes. After Min Ho said his last speech we rushed to the airport.

Managed to capture a few photos of him at the airport...

Can all of you see how many bodyguards surrounding him? So hard to get close..hahaha..

See you soon in Manila handsome!

이민호 at Incheon Airport 20160330

Safely arrived back home. Lee Min Ho at Incheon Airport today. See you again tomorrow!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

이민호 at Shanghai Airport 20160330

Flying back to Korea today. Have a safe flight and rest well. You are going to travel tomorrow.

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