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Friday, September 6, 2013

Faith Novel - Part 4

This is the last of what I will be translating for Episode 2…then on to Episode 3! Choi Young has been told to catch Eun Soo and prevent her from leaving Goryeo. It is a royal order.

Choi Young’s point-of view:
Whatever was left holding my heart together snapped. I turned behind to take a look. She was still standing there and looking at me, but she suddenly started towards heaven’s door. A royal command? With my long legs, I caught up with her in a second and caught hold of her. I held her arms as she resisted and fought me with all her strength. 

I was worried she might get injured, so I drove my sword into the ground beside me. I went behind her and wrapped my arms around her. A royal command? My brain wasn’t really aware of what I was doing now, but I held on to the heavenly woman. Before my heart could react to the command, my body reacted and moved first.

The door disappears and Eun Soo is fumbling around trying to locate it.
When I saw her going back and forth in front of heaven’s door, my heart felt like a wreck. When I heard it was a royal command, it was my broken-down heart that grabbed her. As if she was a lifeline. It was a mistake. A very, very big mistake. Be it the fact that I followed the royal command or broke my oath to the heavenly woman.

To tell the truth, it was not because I wanted to obey the royal command that I did what I did. My heart was in a staggering state, and as the owner of that heart, I don’t know why I caught the woman in front of me, but I did. My heart shouldn’t have wavered or stumbled, but out of reflex, I grabbed and held her back. Because of this one moment, the heavenly woman is stuck on this land.
“You bastard!”
I turned around and saw her looking at me with shock and despair. Her huge eyes were filled with tears. I held my breath and stared at her. Don’t forgive me. I beg you from the bottom of my heart. My eyes followed her as she went towards my sword. That’s right, I urged her. Remember, heavenly woman. I staked my life as a price in my oath to you. Remember that. She walked towards me, dragging the heavy sword with two hands.
“You promised you would send me back. Psycho. Murderer.”
I see. The heavenly word “psycho” means murderer. She’s right. And she has the absolute right to call me that and go ahead with what she intends to do.

She runs towards him with her head down, as if afraid to look at what she was going to do. I place myself right in her path and she pierces me with the sword. I grab her hands and drive the sword further into myself. The ‘qi’ in my body clashes with the sword. I’m sorry, heavenly woman.
Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
I caught and supported him as he collapsed. I couldn’t believe what just happened. He could have avoided me, but he didn’t. Why?
“We are even now, right?”
What was he saying? All I could think of was that I had stabbed a person. I had killed a person… My hands trembled, holding him as he lay on the ground. No, not yet. He’s not going to die. His breath. His pulse. I can feel everything. No, not yet.

After reading this portion, I realised LMH played out every emotion to sublime perfection in that scene. In his signature restrained manner, no less. And the fact that he instinctively held her back from leaving was actually beyond following royal orders? Awesome.
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