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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Originality of Lee Min Ho 18th & 19th February 2017

Seems that many of you asked for the concert details, I have been collecting infos here and there, here are some of the bits from the 2 days concerts..

It's not in order though..

but please enjoy reading..

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

PMZ - Let's Do It Together

Daebakk!! Is your language included in this video? Check it!
#Leeminho #PMZ #Promiz

cr promiz

Lee Min Ho at National Brand Awards 2017

So proud of you my boy! Once again PMZ/Promiz was recognised as one of the Korean National Brand Awards..this all thanks to your hard work..

Cr owner

The Originality of Lee Min Ho 18 & 19th February 2017

I guess I made a perfect decision..even though it's last minute and struggling with the ticket..I managed to get a best seat..

Being there..the feeling..Aisshh..just can't be deccribe with words..knowing that this will be the last fan meeting..with a heavy heart I just stared at him through my lens with teary eyes..

And I even creid during our Minoz surpirse event; singing You & I and My Everything..vice versa..Min Ho also have teary eyes..I know it's hard for him to let us go..we have been holding on to him for 10 years..he just hoped that after these 2 years we will support him as today..that's for sure Min Ho ya..

Do enjoy these photos taken through my lens..

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lee Min Ho at Innisfree Fansign 20170210

How handsome! I think this is the last fansign for him...too sad..

Anyway let's embrace his good look for today..

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