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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Faith Novel - Volume 2 Part 3

Vol 2 excerpts – Part 3
Choi Young has just finished relating the story about how/why his teacher died. The king leaves in embarrassment and Choi Young, who has been holding in his pain all this while, finally collapses onto the ground.
Eun Soo, who has been watching him, rushes to him immediately. With help from Jang Bin and a couple of Woodalchi, she checks Choi Young’s wound and is horrified to see how infected it has become.
Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
How did he manage to keep standing in this condition? With this physical condition, he embraced and protected me, and fought?
“I need to operate on him again.”
My voice didn’t waver one bit. Even during the brief seconds when Jang Bin and Dae Man were lifting Choi Young up to prepare to carry him, I didn’t let go of him at all. Even though he was unconscious and unaware of anything, I made sure I hugged him tight and stayed beside him. Not for one moment did I let go of his hand.
Choi Young’s point-of-view:
It’s so warm. I felt warm all over. I’m at the icy lake again. I thought something felt very strange. There was nothing of the place that was warm yet…
In my opinion, the warmth that he is feeling is from Eun Soo holding onto him.
Eun Soo has just finished operating on him.
Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
This man was still alive for now. I did not move one step away from him the whole night. I kept my eyes open, waiting to look into his dark, deep eyes.
I started nagging at him.
“At this point, you should regain consciousness, shouldn’t you? If you did, you would be looking at me with that awkward expression of yours, won’t you? You’ll get angry with me. You’ll ignore me. You’ll pretend not to know anything. Fine. I won’t say anything anymore. You don’t look as if you can take a woman nagging, so I’ll let you off this time. I won’t rush you to come back until you decide you want to come back. Until then, I ‘m going to wait for you. Therefore… please open your eyes.”
We skip to the part I think many of you are waiting for. Eun Soo is watching over Choi Young and admits to him she overheard his conversation with the king…
Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
I looked at him – his eyes were closed, surrounded by his long eyelashes.
Please open your eyes. I’m begging you. I miss those dark, deep eyes. Those eyes that never once wavered and always steadily held my gaze.
I realised there was a small scar on his forehead. One would have missed it from far away. I touched the scar with my hand and traced it. And my heart dropped. He felt too cold.
Hey you. Don’t be like this. I said to him to my heart. Don’t leave me here alone. You kidnapping me… you preventing my return to my world…I can forget all about that. But if you leave me here alone, I won’t forgive you. Can you hear me?
His head rolled to one side. And I knew. His heart had stopped beating. 

Eun Soo starts to perform CPR and mouth-mouth resuscitation on him. When Jang Bin tries to stop her after it looks as if Choi Young is beyond rescue, Eun Soo grabs hold of Choi Young’s and says he promised he will protect her. One of her tears drops on his cheek…
Choi Young’s point-of-view:
That teardrop fell towards the lake. But halfway, it was suspended in space. I was worried and wanted to quickly go to the other side, but suddenly I heard a voice.
“You said you would protect me.”
That voice was like an echo – repeating itself again and again around me. The air start spinning into a wind. The wind got frenzier, but then it stopped. And the teardrop fell into the lake. I could hear that clear voice. The ice started to crack.
You said to protect you?
I started to remember and lifted my head.

Eun Soo’s point-of-view:
I knew before anyone else that he had returned. Choi Young’s chest lifted. My hands stopped moving and I turned to look at his face. Jang Bin quickly checked his pulse. He turned to look at me.
“His breath has returned.”
I carefully checked his vital signs. His face was slowly regaining colour.
At that moment, I unconsciously bent towards him. And touched Choi Young’s lips. These lips had been touched by my lips. Though they felt weak, there was no doubt that as he was breathing, he could feel my breath that I had breathed into him. My breath was drifting along the tip of his tongue. Thank you. Thank you so much. I lifted my head, suddenly not knowing what I had done in the past few minutes.
Jang Bin’s point-of-view:
I saw the heavenly doctor touch Choi Young’s lips. Even though she had risen up, her eyes never left Choi Young’s face. A touched smile flashed across her pale face.

to be continued...

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