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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Faith Novel - Part 6

Vol 1 excerpts – Part VI
We’ve arrived at the part right after Eun Soo spent the whole night fixing up Choi Young’s stab wound.
He wakes up…
Choi Young’s point-of-view:
I saw the woman on the chair near the bed. She was sleeping soundly, despite the cold air of dawn. Her bright hair was sticking in messy strands around her face. She looked exhausted…did she spend the entire night sitting there…watching over me? I don’t feel relieved even though I have woken up.
I needed to go downstairs to take a look. The white cloth binding my abdomen impeded my movement. Looking at the way it is wrapped, it was probably done by the heavenly woman. I didn’t want to wake her up from her deep sleep, so I carefully got down from the bed…
We skip to a segment not filmed at all in the drama. Apparently, they traveled by sea at one point in time from the inn to the palace in Goryeo.
Choi Young’s point-of-view:
The weather continues to be good. I think we will reach Goryeo earlier than planned. I looked as the queen and the heavenly woman disembarked from the boat. Because of the nausea caused from being at sea, her complexion was pallid. When she turned to look in my direction, I dropped my gaze. I was enduring all I could not to do something about her. Even if she stabbed me one more time, I would have nothing to say to her. But from her actions, I think she has temporarily forgotten all her grudges against me.
During the journey by sea, with the rocking boat and nausea, she definitely couldn’t be feeling well. But she tried to come and find me many times. Clutching her bag she had brought from heaven to her chest, she told others to pass on the message to me that she had to check and treat my wound. They escorted her to me once, but for the rest of the time, I ordered that she was not to come anywhere near me.
After one night I refused to see her and sent her back, I saw her the next morning standing near the stern of the ship. Strong winds were blowing, the ship was rocking violently…wasn’t she worried standing there? I hid behind a pillar and watched her, just in case she was in danger of falling over. She was looking at the sea. The wind was blowing her hair and she was lit up by the bright morning sun. As I watch her standing there, I started to worry. Will she be able to survive on this land? What if she couldn't endure living in another land for a long time? The more I thought about it, the more worried I became.
At the moment, her figure disappeared for a while, but I realized she was still there when the sun shone on her again in the next moment. I felt relieved all of a sudden. She had to continue to exist so that I can keep my promise to her. If she collapsed somewhere and vanished, I wouldn't be able to keep my promise. And if that happened, that guilt would be weighing my heart like a stone for the rest of my life.

Jang Bin, the royal doctor came to look for me. He reported the heavenly woman was so worried about me that she was getting angry with me. But Jang Bin still refused to let her see me. He knew how I felt, so he didn’t search me out again.

Another lovely insight into Choi Young’s feelings…I will post Eun Soo’s point-of-view in my next instalment!
To be continued..
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