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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Faith Novel - Part 2

Reading this novel really makes me fall in love again with our Daejang's and Eun Soo and wanted to watch the drama again. Really grateful to you unnie for translating the novel and make my day...

I’m falling in love with Faith all over again as I’m reading the novel. There are so many lovely moments and precious nuances not filmed or captured in the drama, which is really a shame. I’m not just talking about the loveline, but the whole story in general.

The part(s) which I’ve picked today to translate takes place in Episode 2. Choi Young has just saved Eun Soo from her kidnapper by flicking a dagger straight into the heart of the latter. This is from Choi Young’s point-of-view.

The moment I saw the heavenly woman’s face, I got goosebumps again. Her pale face devoid of colour…her dishevelled appearance…her lips bleeding on one side. Her hands are probably injured too because they have been tied. Because I have no other outlet to channel my anger for the kidnapper I just killed, I take it out on her.

“Look at you! Didn’t I tell you to wait for me? What do you think you are doing running around like that? Just look at you now. Let me take a look…”

I wanted to check the injury on her neck, so I reach out to hold her chin. But she stares at my hand. So I let my hand fall. Even if I were to insist on touching her, she would just roughly brush my hand away again.

She stood straight, even though she probably had no strength left in her. She stares at me fiercely and her eyes are telling me, “Watch your manners. Back off.” So I say, “Please follow me. I’ve brought a horse with me.”

She stomps off but stops, not knowing where to go.

As I looked at her, I thought about what she had gone through so far. She had to enter and exit some unknown door, she was brought here by force and had to operate overnight, was dragged around by a bunch of men and had her life threatened. And that injury on her face…

When I thought of how she got injured, my heart wavered and fluttered. Again.

Even before one commits a sin against heaven, the heart realises it first. This worried, anxious feeling in my heart…I haven’t felt something like this in years. For such a long time…for a really long time, this heart of mine has never felt anything special for anything. Or anybody.

Sigh. Absolute loveliness.

to be continued..
Photo: credit to Kimchi Drama
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