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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Faith Novel - Volume 2 Part 4

 Vol 2 excerpts – Part 4
This excerpt starts from the point Choi Young wakes up from his coma. And yes, it includes the squeal-worthy scene of Choi Young in which he wipes off his blood before entering the room Eun Soo was being locked in. Trust me, when you find out what he was thinking then, it’s worth all the squeals. And if you watch that scene again with this translation in mind, you’ll be dying at the end of it all. Like me.
Please note that the entire excerpt is written from Choi Young’s point of view.
I couldn’t open my eyes. Even though my eyes were shut, the sunlight still managed to filter into them. The whole room was filled with sunlight. That made me feel dizzy, too.
I remember someone calling me. Therefore, I turned around to have a look. And thus, I returned to this world.
I carefully tried to open my eyes again. The bright rays of sunlight were making my eyes tear. Dae Man gradually came into view.
“Where’s that person?”
Dae Man couldn’t answer me. When I saw his uncertainty, I quickly tried to regain my senses. My body felt heavy, but I forced myself up into a sitting position and asked him in a clearer voice.
“What happened.”
We skip to the part where Choi Young has arrived at Ki Chul’s house. He is standing outside contemplating on the implications of what he is going to do. Saving Eun Soo is almost akin to disobeying the king’s order.
Because he is the king. The woman I escorted here from heaven because of the king’s order, is now in the danger of losing her life because of yet another of his orders. But I don’t resent the king at all. This woman was the one who called me back when I was in the other world. Because of her call to me, I have returned to this world. Therefore, the reason why I am here has nothing to do with the king – it is something personal between me and that woman.
We move on to the part where Choi Young is fighting the dozens of soldiers in Ki Chul’s house. He hears Dae Man’s whistle in the midst of the chaos and whistles back in return, willing the younger man to heed his command.

Dae Man ah. Please heed my command. I’ll hold off everyone here, so please go and find that person. Please hurry and find that person quickly for me. My heart is feeling over-hasty and anxious now…
Silver-haired dude uses his screechy flute special powers and Choi Young starts to bleed from his ears and mouth. But he manages to fend off the flute with his own lightning powers. Dae Man leads him towards the room where Eun Soo is held. Choi Young arrives at the door of the room (SQUEAL!)…
I stopped in front of the door. I steadied my uneven breathing. My sword was actually lifted, but I lowered it again. 

My heart was overflowing with apology. I said I would protect her, yet I couldn’t. While she was standing alone in front of all those dirty lowlifes, while she was being dragged here against her will, while she was spending a terrified night at this place, I was unconscious and unaware of anything. I was so embarrassed and sorry that I couldn’t breathe. The ventilation of the room was bad – thus the air felt very cold. She coming from such a brilliantly lit world, to be captured and forced to spend a night in such a place… it’s all my fault.
If I open the door and enter the room like this, she would be so shocked and frightened when she sees me. At that thought, I started to wipe the blood streaming from my ears and mouth with the sleeve of my shirt. I had no idea how many times I wiped at those spots to make sure there wasn’t any blood left.
I couldn’t face her, thus I hesitated. In true fact, I hesitated because I was scared. Did those lowlife bastards do anything to her? At that thought, fear started to rise in me. Please be unhurt. Please run energetically towards me and get angry with me. Please…
I raised my sword and smashed the lock. With my two hands, I yanked open the door.
There were no windows, and the room was small and dark. Light slowly filtered into the room and I saw the sleeping quarters. Beside the bed, I saw that person. She was standing there. She was unhurt.
She closed her eyes against the sudden invasion of bright light but when they opened, she saw me. I took two steps towards her and stopped, unable to go any further. I just stood there. I didn’t know what to say, so I just said to her…
“I’m late.”
At that, that person broke into a brilliant smile. Her eyes were filled with tears and she took a step towards me.
“You’re alive.”
That was what she said to me. There was no resentment. There were no complaints. There was no anger. She just looked at me and said that. You’re alive. And one of her hands reached out to touch my cheek.

It was something I never predicted she would do. I didn’t move a muscle when she touched me. I didn’t dare to avoid her hand. Her warm hand lingered on my cheek for a moment before retreating. She smiled again.
“Your fever has subsided. You’re alive. I saved you. But…”
She came closer towards me. Even though she moved closer, I didn’t move away. Because she was so close, I could look right down into her eyes as she looked up at me. I remember you…her scent seem to say as it filled me. She held her breath and whispered to me.
“I’m being imprisoned now.”
I fought the urge to smile.
“I know.”
” I was dragged her last night. And I have been imprisoned in this room until now…”
She suddenly stopped talking and looked behind me.
I knew there was something going on behind me from awhile ago. But because I wanted to confirm further that she was unhurt, because I wanted to stare longer into her lively eyes, I delayed a little longer. With her eyes filled with worry, she grabbed my sleeve and tugged it twice.
Yes. I know
I turned around slowly. I blocked her using my body.
Dying. Really. I think this must be my most favourite excerpt so far. If you thought it wasn’t possible to fall more in love with Choi Young, you will after reading this. Giant hug to Song Ji Na for penning his feelings and thoughts in such a lovely, relatable way. If you watch the scene again, you’ll realise it is possible to match Choi Young’s thoughts to LMH’s portrayal of the character. LMH was Choi Young.

to be continued..

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