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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Safely Landed in Seoul

Lee Min Ho has safely arrived in Gimpo International Airport, Seoul. Hope he will find some time to celebrate the New Year with his family. Rest well and take care..
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Lee Min Ho Heading Back Home

After spending quite some time in China, Lee Min Ho finally heading to his homeland, Korea today. Have a safe journey and rest well Min Ho sshi..take care..

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Lee Min Ho as TV Announcer

Can you just imagine if this man is a News TV Anchor? I would be glued in front of my TV every night..hahaha..what a great view..we can just forget about the news...

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Lee Min Ho Performance at CCTV Spring Festival

Lee Min Ho duet with Harlem Yu, singing Qing Fei De Yi from Meteor Garden OST at CCTV Spring Festival Gala..

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Lee Min Ho Weibo Update

Lee Min Ho just updated his Weibo account with his cute V-sign trademark Selca wishing all "Happy Spring Festival the sound of firecrackers can be heard everywhere so happy ~ ~ Happy New Year everyone!"

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It's been a while since I stopped uploading our daily dose of Lee Min Ho..missing it very much. To kick start again, enjoy these behind the scene photos of our Choi Young Daejang..who would imagine a warrior from Goryeo period can be this cute..

Lee Min Ho Line Updates

Lee Min Ho Line update today, wishing all Happy New Year 2014

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Happy Chinese New Year!

I sincerely would like to wish all those who are celebrating, a very Happy Chinese New Year! May the year of the Horse would brings you happiness, good health and wealth...

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150,000..Thanks All

Lee Min Ho - My Everything has reached 150,000 mark for number of page views today and I just wanted to thank everyone who has visited, read and contributed to this incredible hits, do know that I am very grateful.

I know that this number is petty compared to other mainstream blogs of Min Ho, but when I started this blog May 2013, the thought of that if only 100 people would read and browsed, it is a huge achievement for me. I am not a good writer or blogger but just wanna share the same interest and latest info with all of you regarding Min Ho's activities and news.

I am very grateful for your visits and comments. It all started as a hobby and my personal appreciation to our prince, Lee Min Ho and I am very happy that this blog received many loved from all Minoz from all over the world. Through this blog also I found some new friends and that's really makes me happy.

Many..many thanks again..

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lee Min Ho for Bench

Live Life with Flavor with Lee Min Ho for Bench Apparel and Sure Blue & So In love for Bench Eu De Toilette. By the way, the EDT are already available in selected Bench stores in the Philippines.

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Lee Min Ho - KNTV Good Day Episode 20

Good Day Episode 20, in this episode Min Ho attended Minoz Japan Meet & Greet in Seoul 2013, he showed his drawing skills to the audience, one of it is the drawing of Minomi Doll.

He plays and practice skate board, notice that while enjoying the skateboarding, every time he's about to fell down, there's always someone to catch and rescue him....such a precious person.

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ミンホのGOOD DAY #20 by green_spice15

Starhaus Entertainment Partnership With Hwuayi Brothers

Lee Min Ho's agency Starhaus Entertainment forms a strategic partnership with Chinese entertainment company

It has been revealed that Lee Min Ho's agency Starhaus Entertainment and Chinese entertainment company Huayi Brothers have formed a strategic partnership for the actor's promotions in China and more.

A Starhaus Entertainment rep told TV Report, "Starhaus has been preparing a branch in China... Our relationship [with Huayi Brothers] has been good since Lee Min Ho's concert in 2009. Starhaus China and Huayi Brothers plan to have a friendly business cooperation with each other."

Huayi Brothers previously played a role in the opening of Lee Min Ho's concerts and fan meetings in Beijing and Shanghai since 2009 and will continue the good relationship they've established with a partnership.

This probably means that Lee Min Ho's Chinese fans have more to look forward to!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lee Min ho for Innisfree Webtoon

Lee Min Ho is contributing his voice for Innisfree Romantic Lovestory Webtoon.

Video: credit uploader/Innisfree

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