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Monday, September 16, 2013

Faith Novel - Volume 2 Part 5

We continue from the last excerpt. Choi Young is having a showdown with Ki Chul, who walks up to him with his lackeys in tow. Eun Soo is standing a slight distance behind Choi Young.
Choi Young’s point of view:
I didn’t lower my head. I stared straight into the eyes of Ki Chul and those behind him. If I want to protect the person behind me, I shouldn’t fight them.
The two men trade barbs and we come to the part where Choi Young muses he is thinking of running away with Eun Soo. Ki Chul snorts in amused disbelief and wonders whether the Woodalchi army is hiding around waiting to attack. Choi Young informs him that he is here on a personal mission…
Though one couldn’t tell, I was nervous. Whatever I was going to say now could be seen as committing treason against the king, or could destroy my chance of saving the person behind me.
“Don’t you know what I mean? I am here because…”
I couldn’t think of a better solution, thus I decided to take the plunge.
“It is because I’m in love with the person behind me, that’s why I’m here.”
For a moment, the whole room was thrown into confusion. Ki Chul was staring at me in disbelief, Dae Man’s mouth hung open, Hwasuin was staring hard at me with a smile on her face. But the person who was most shocked was the person behind me.
As Faith fans would know, Ki Chul is impressed by Choi Young and invites him to stay for a drink. The following part wasn’t filmed in the drama. Eun Soo and Choi Young are on their way to have that drink…
Eun Soo’s point of view:
Everything is fine now. Because I’m next to him, everything will be okay.
I stuck close to his side as we walked across a big garden. But the garden was not easy to traverse, so I started to lag behind him. But Choi Young slowed down, walking to match my pace. Though the person guiding us kept turning around to shoot us irritated glares, Choi Young wasn’t worried. The kid called Dae Man was stuck close to my other side.
I was attacked by yet another wave of dizziness. The whole place was filled with the smell of blood, with blood stains everywhere. It smelled like I was in the middle of an operation. I haven’t come across this smell of blood for a long time; this person walking beside me, who came all the way here for me, could be bleeding too.
I stared at him. There were stains of blood on his sleeves and the nape of his neck, but he didn’t look as if he was injured anywhere. A breeze blew and the smell of blood wafted across. This time it wasn’t from the ground, but from the person walking beside me.
What in the world has he done?
Though I wanted to grab him by the collar and shake him, I resisted the urge. He was someone who was going to die yesterday. No, he in fact did die. How did a person in that condition cause this bloodbath?
We reached the bridge that crossed over the lake. Choi Young halted in front of the steps and watched me as I walked towards it. After making sure I climbed up the three steps without a hitch, he resumed walking again.
That’s right, it’s okay. I’m safe. No what matter what the person beside me does, he will protect me. Because of me, he will have no qualms shedding his own blood or leaving others stained with blood. He’ll go ahead and do just that. Damn.
They reach the hall.
Choi Young’s point of view:
I made sure she was seated first. As we were walking to this place, her footsteps had increasingly become unstable, and I was worried. I saw her staring at all the blood on the ground. I saw her face slowly lose colour, but at the same time her expression had hardened. I saw her trying her best not to be frightened by all of this.
The brief time I was in the heavenly world. Nobody walked around carrying weapons. The only weapon I saw was the short stick of the guard who chased after me. Probably in that world, nobody fought each other with swords, with blood spilling everywhere. That person lived in that kind of world.
Ki Chul was smiling at us and stood up. Was it possible to sit here and not end up fighting? I didn’t want the person beside me to see any more blood being spilled in front of her.
It’s sweet that both of them mutually worry for each other, Eun Soo to a lesser extent as she is predictably affected by all the blood surrounding her. Not that we can blame her. But the depth of care Choi Young has for Eun Soo at this point is almost heart-breaking. Not really 100 percent because of the potential romantic element, but his unwavering sense of responsibility and honour, and his unquestionable integrity, is so gosh darned solid that I find it moving.

Song Ji Na mentioned in a previous interview that the hardest and most annoying aspect of writing Choi Young’s character as the drama went along was the fact she had to maintain his unflappable honour and integrity at all times, in all circumstances. But I’m so glad she did. Because Choi Young remains the noblest male drama lead I have ever come across. And that’s one of the reasons why I adore this drama so much.
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