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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Faith Novel - Part 10

Vol 1 excerpts – Part X
We continue from the previous part I posted. Eun Soo apologises for stabbing Choi Young and is pleading with him to let her treat his wound.
Choi Young’s point-of-view:
The heavenly woman was almost whimpering now in her plea to ask me to receive treatment. Something within me started to build up and rise. I threw her bag which I had picked up earlier back on to the floor and without realising it myself, I strode towards her and stood in front of her. I grabbed hold of her shoulders and started to push her backwards – I had no intention of halting in any way. It was only when her back hit the pillar that she stopped moving. She was now looking at me with shock in her eyes. I could see from her eyes she was just barely holding on to her composure.

I took my hands off her and straightened my body. I turned around to take a look. Choong Seok was staring at me, together with the other Woodalchi. Choong Seok was the first one to regain his senses and ordered the men to retreat and leave the room. I waited for the door to close. They have seen something they shouldn’t have seen. I wasn’t doing this for myself – I was doing it for her.
When I turned back again, she was still standing in the same position. She was looking at me, with tear-filled eyes. What in the world was it about this woman’s eyes that pierces me with magnetism? I stood still. Because were we standing so close together, she was frightened. And that made me feel more offended. When she tried to escape from the side, I slammed my arm against the pillar to prevent her doing so.
As we know, Choi Young argues that Eun Soo should have just left him to die at heaven’s door, to which she retaliates that no one would do such a ridiculous thing. She says he can die anytime due to blood poisoning and he orders her to shut her gap or he’ll do it himself.
Choi Young’s point of view:
At my words, she did shut up and just stared at me. I stared at those defenceless lips and that moment, I gave up. I couldn’t do this any longer. The close proximity between us…that fragrance of hers was swirling around me and filling me…I couldn’t take it anymore. I straightened up my body again and turned around. It took a few steps before I could start breathing easily again…
I order her not to go near places with men only again. A breeze blows and I am drawn back to the sight of her bare legs. Fed up, I stretch my arm out to block her way as she is leaving.
” I don’t know how people dress in heaven, but here on earth…”
She grabbed my wrist and when I tried to shake her loose, she refused to let go. She used her other hand to touch her forehead and I assume she was trying to estimate my temperature. Her face begin to show signs of worry.
” It feels like it is over 38 degrees…”
Because of this woman, I became flustered. She dug around in her bag and fished out something.
“I’m giving you my aspirin. You can use this for headaches, fever, etc…Eat two pills, three times a day. It won’t be much of a big help, but still…”
She stretched out her hand and I could it was a transparent bottle. Her head was bowed so I couldn’t see her expression. Therefore, I didn’t want to take the bottle. I wanted to see whether she was crying or have regained her composure. That was the only way I could feel assured. With her bowed and her voice trembling as she talked, I didn’t know what to do with her. Don’t tell me she was really worried for me? She mumbled something as she held out the bottle to me. I couldn’t hear what she was saying. And I couldn’t resist asking her.
“What did you say?”
She finally raised her head and looked at me. She looked like a reluctant, hesitant child.
“Don’t die.”
“I said don’t die. Even though I know you’re a psycho, what would happen to me if you die and leave me all alone? Therefore, please…”
That reluctant woman stared at me. I couldn’t move after hearing her words, so she took my hand and placed the bottle in it. Her cool hand brushed my warm hand like petals of a flower. But instead of her hand, the bottle was left resting in my palm.
When I finally regained my senses and composure, she was already at the door. She stepped outside and the door closed. I lowered my hand. My hand began to tremble – there was no strength left in it. I held on tightly to the bottle and collapsed, sitting on the floor. I gripped the floor tightly, while looking at the bottle. The transparent little bottle with the medicine inside.
The woman who gave me this bottle had said to me. As if she knew everything.
And that’s the end of Volume 1! Great ending, huh? I loved, loved this last scene to bits because it shed so much light on Choi Young’s conflicting emotions and confusion over Eun Soo. Unfortunately, there has been a problem with the shipment of my Volume 2, thus I can’t start translating that yet. But I would definitely start working on it once G-Market figures out how my Faith Novel Volume 2 morphed into a set of pyjamas. I kid you not. But the good people there say they’ll rectify the mystery order swap soon. So please be patient! Thanks so much!

to be continued...

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