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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Previous Drama

Lee Min Ho started his acting career in his second year of high school. He had joined Starhaus Entertainment with the help of an acquaintance. After going through training, Lee Min Ho started auditioning and landed small roles in several television dramas. In 2006, his acting career was put on hold for a year following a serious car accident in which he was severely injured. Below are some of his early dramas and film.

Public Enemy Returns

Love Hymn

Secret Campus

Mackerel Run

I Am Sam

Get Up

Our School ET


Lee Min Ho for Samsung Anycall Haptic Mission CF

Photo: thanks to Samsung

Lee Min Ho with Kim Joon

Lee Min Ho with fellow F4 Kim Joon aka Song Woo Bin.

Photo: credit to the owner

Spoon Fight

Remember this awesome sppon fight scene in City Hunter?  Daebakk!!
Photo : credit to the rightful owner

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Very happy Min Ho..enough to energize us all day long..

Photo: credit to Innisfree


Early night dose of VitaMinHo today..feeling tired..
Photo : credit to the rightful owner

Notice from Starhaus Entertainment

Dear All Minoz. .please take note! !
Thanks to We Are Minoz

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Butt Dance

During concert in Shanghai Lee Min Ho did this cute 'Butt Dance' for the fans..he ended feeling embarrassed check it yourself..

Video: credit to the owner

Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo

Still on Boys Over Flowers fever..Faces of Gu Jun Pyo..
 Goo Jun-pyo is the leader of F4 and heir to Shinhwa Group, one of the most powerful business groups in South Korea. As leader of the most popular and powerful clique in Shinhwa High, he torments Geum Jan-di after she stands up to his bullying ways, but ends up falling for her instead. His family is one of the most rich and elite in the country.

Photos: credit to the rightful owner

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