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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Heirs - Episode 10 Recap

The internet line really giving me a hard time tonight...ugh!! and no preview for next week? Urghh!
I will die here for waiting for next week!!

 Back at KT's house. KT is talking with YD. He's sorry for underestimating YD. YD suggested that KT should kneel in front of him. KT commented that YD has failed his plan. But apparently, ES walks home and saw those 2 boys talking. YD said that it was really a good plan, he would never expect that ES will be in KT's home. It's a jackpot he said.

KT explained that he had an early appointment with ES. KT asked her to leave. She left. YD calls her to stay but KT just send her away. YD is curious why ES is at KT's house and asked KT whether R know about it? KT told him that he even told R that he is dating ES. (actually I am really proud of KT. He is not scared of confessing his love to ES but ES otherwise is running away from reality!!)KT promised to revenge YD for what he did.

KT went to Zeus Hotel to meet YD's dad although YD tried to stop him. KT told YD's dad that he hit him twice and he apologized. Dad said it's okay since they are boys anyway. But in fact he's mad. KT thanked dad for understanding and left. As expected YD's dad hit him for losing to KT. He's taking off his belt when his phone rang. Dad asked YD to leave.

YD realize that a woman was hiding in the closet. Dad was cheating on E. He asked dad whether his mom knew his wrong doing or maybe his mom are one of these type of women too? (Somehow I pity him for that he's lack of a mom's love).

YD recalls back when both of him and KT were playing and dad suddenly at home. Both of them hide in the closet while his dad are with a woman.

YD went into the elevator. KT joins him. KT suggest that there's no more family matters that should go between them now. YD points out that it's only left ES now...KT warned him not to touch ES.

YD is washing dishes at the hotel when E came by. She's worried that KT and YD fight. YD is annoyed and ignored her. E then leave. She then saw the women inside YD's dad room earlier. (same woman at the photo shoot). E calls Yoon and met him later. They were talking about the past and YD's dad appeared. Yoon left.

KT went home. Mom is worried sick on why he told YD about her. He said what's wrong about that? Why can't he just be honest. Mom said that he did nothing wrong but she did. Tan apologize her for everything. She left with a teary eyes. KT asked ES's mom whether she reached home.. KT called ES but she didn't answer. He texted her that YD left..

ES reached home. Both of them met at their secret port - the wine cellar. They need to align their story for YD. KT told ES that he confessed to YD that they're dating. He suggest that they start dating, TODAY!!. ES calls him stupid. KT said that he's stupid because of her. ES: Let's just date then, and see everything falls apart..including ES and mom being chased out from the house. KT is mad that he's the only one brave enough to protect his love but ES is doing nothing!!. (I totally agreed). He then left. ES cried.

The next morning KT went to school without ES even when he saw ES walking to school. 2 girls trying to make friend with ES but she ignored.

In class YD met R and asked her if she has ever gone to KT's house while KT just listen. YD told her that he saw something odd at KT's house. KT tried to stop him when the disciplinary teacher calls them for their punishment.

In class ES saw the boys cleaning the windows pane. CY saw her and asked her regarding the parents meeting. She told him that someone else went there instead of her mom. CY ask her if she had an argument with KT. She said she's running away..

Embedded image permalink

ES went to the roof top and recalls back the kiss. Apparently Tan is also at the roof top but at the opposite building. They exchange look and in a while she runs away..

ES is at the library when YD came. He asked her did she enjoy the performance with Tan? She said  because of YD they couldn't. YD wants to know more about her mom. She refuse to answer and give excuse to study for the midterm.

It's midterm exam. MS is at the exam score board.Tan is placed last - 100th. He was embarrassed. Cy and R are placed 1st and 2nd. KT asked CY how did he make it to get 1st? CY said he was born that way. KT said it's the same that he was born handsome..(sure, we knew that Min Ho!!). ES also arrived to checked her result. Tan told her that she's placed 52nd. She was embarrassed and left.

Back in class, a teacher announced about the camping. KT and YD are not going but YD change his mind later. R text KT to meet outside. R said that E asked him to join for dinner. KT agreed. R warned him that whoever he's dating doesn't change the fact that they were engaged. She points out that KT and ES are not going along. Kt said that it is his way to protect ES and himself from everyone including her. She's curious regarding what YD said earlier. Tan stressed that if their engagement is based on business then there's no need for her to know.

At the company, Yoon saw the guy that doing the spy works for dad. Yoon remind KW about the meeting with YD hotel with KT. He also told him that someone maybe spying on him and HJ.

HJ is disappointed that KW couldn't met her. HS showed up. HS told her that since she quit as his tutor he's not her student anymore. He kissed her on the forehead and left.



KT, R, E and JS are having lunch together as promised. E brought up about ES since KA talk about Tan a lot during the parents meeting. R told her that she is Tan's friend. R threw a bomb saying that she wants to break up the engagement with Tan. Both mothers are shocked and they will handle the matter themselves.

Outside, Tan asks why R is doing this. R says it is because she wants to see Tan become a mess. Tan calls her the worst. R asks what was he doing while her love changed to hate. Dad calls.

Dad is furious about the engagement brake up. KA eavesdrop outside and rushes to ES for explanation.Tan told dad that he doesn't like R. Dad said he regretted bringing Tan back. to Korea. Dad said Tan is different from Won since he's a bastard. That is why he need R. Tan said that the house are even lonely with him there.

KA asks ES if she heard anything in school about Tan’s mom or something.  ES finds out that R asked to break the engagement. Tan comes by and mad at his mom for making ES report everything about him. Mom asked Tan to join the camp and be nice to R. He said he's not going. He left.

ES followed him wanting to ask why he doesn't want to join the camp. She hesitates at first to knock the door but Tan already waiting. Tan said he's not going because he's avoiding YD as they might kill each other. Tan compared the situation with ES meeting YD at his hotel room.

ES tries to leave, but Tan says she might run into KA. He doesn’t’ want her to leave so he threatens to call his mom.

He wants ES to stay just one minute. ES says she can’t. She can’t cross this threshold. She tries to leave, but Tan back hugs her. ES gets mad that he isn’t listening to her.  Tan asks her to wait. He is thinking of a way that she can cross the threshold. He wants her to have a good trip- I will miss you.
 (owh!! so sweet!!)..I'm loving this back hug scene more than the kiss scene!

BN and CY promised each other to wear couple things at the camp such as shoes and such. They reach the camp site. MS is taking photos of ES and YD and recalls that ES is the one that came out from Tan's house that morning.

Tan is having conversation with HS. Only both of them not joining the camp. HS asked Tan why is he not going. He said he wants ES to miss him..(I'm dead!!)

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At the camp site, the students are playing paint ball.. YD is pestering ES the whole time until she's annoyed. She demand to have a word with him.

Alone, they talk. YD points out that ES only gives him attention when he does something bad. ES says YD can do anything he wants; she is not scared of him anymore.

ES finally calls Tan. Tan doesn’t pick up. ES sees R. R is calling someone too. R comes over and takes ES’s phone. She sees ES is calling tan. She slaps ES.  ES says because she got hit already, she will do something that is worthy of that. She wants to call Tan. R is about to slap ES again, but YD stops her, saying ES is his. Only he can bother her. He takes her away.

ES says this is now like him. YD says he has only shown her half. He sees Tan coming, calling someone. ES has not seen him yet. YD says, “I will show you from now on.” He hugs ES. Tan sees

Ends of Episode 10 with no preview..urghhh I am really pissed off. How can't we wait for another week??? Please !!

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