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Monday, November 18, 2013

Lee Min Ho - "It Feels Good To Be Slapped"!!

Lee Min Ho revealed that it surprisingly felt good to get slapped by fellow actor Jung Dong Hwan.

According to Lee Min Ho's reps, Lee Min Ho and Jung Dong Hwan decided to be as real as possible in portraying the father-son relationship and practiced the slap scene 6-7 times during rehearsal. But once the cameras started rolling, the pair were able to complete the scene successfully in one take, receiving a round of applause from the staff on set.

Lee Min Ho shared, "When Jung Dong Hwan sunsengnim hit me, I liked the feeling of being hit. I could definitely feel sunsengnim's emotions so I felt thankful and enjoyed filming it. I fell for his sense in hitting me."

Photo: credit to the rightful owner
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