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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Heirs - Episode 11 Recap

Wow!! What can I say..this episode is just epic..all mixed up..personally I liked this's a turning point by Eun Sang and let's hope that she will not waver from her heart and changed her mind..owh..owh..let's start..

Hyo Shin sent Tan to the camp site. He waits in the car while Tan walks off. MS saw him.

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Tan saw YD talking to Eun Sang. YD pulls ES to his embrace to makes Tan jealous. ES pushes YD away!! Way to go girl!! That's the way to act if you do not like him!!

ES: What are you doing?
YD: I want to show to Tan. He's right behind you. Why you barge? You are ruining the mood!
ES: Enough..
YD to Tan: You must really likes her..Please tell her that I like her too..she doesn't seem to believe. He then leave.

Tan complaints that he was so happy to see them after driving there for 4 hours (sarcasm) and then leave.


Rachel went to HY's car and ask where Tan is..
HY: He's at the trunk!!?? Lol!!

Tan emerge from the behind. Rachel instruct him to sit at the back. 

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 They went to the hotel. R ask Tan whether he met ES. He said he did and waiting for her call. R confessed that she hit ES. R again stressed to Tan that liking ES will not makes any difference. Tan : I know, that's why I going crazy!

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ES walks to the tent and hears some girls talking about her. She's upset. YD: Don't listen, don't get hurt!! And YD being YD..he took the girls shoes and threw in in the trash bin..haha!!

He then grabbed ES away. YD is curious whether ES lives in Tan's house but insist ES not to answer  that questions.. 
YD: But do answer me on this you really likes Tan? 
ES: ...yes (hesitantly) 
YD: I not retrieve the shoes or I'll get revenge!!

CY calls R asking where she is since the teacher are making a roll call. R mom founds out that R are at the hotel.

Rachel's mother met YD's father at hostess bar, flirting with some ladies. Gets angry and get in fight regarding a newspaper article about their marriage. She saw a woman she met at the parent-teacher conference. Learns that the person is the madam of the host bar. It's YS 's mom..

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 ES is in the tent when she saw KT waiting outside the tent. 
KT: come outside..put on something warm..

KT brought her to a different camp site..He puts on her coat on her..
KT: Why did you call?
ES: Why you came back?
KT: ..because i missed you..Awww!!

He told her to choose whether to sleep together in the tent or spend the night outside but have  to endure the cold.  ES just smiles and happy. Tan is shocked on how ES react. ES then explained why she called him. ES: I was missing you too.. a lot!! She offers him to sit next to her..

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KT think that ES is being weird. "Are you being isolated by other students?"
ES: "I had hard time, wanted to escape to a dream. I always wanted to do this" ES lays her head on KT's shoulder. ES "This is more uncomfortable than I thought" KT "That's because you are only laying your face, your heart should be there too" 


They talk about stuff and horror movies. ES likes horror movies because it makes her feel less in trouble. Tan asked her if he is one of the trouble? 
ES "I'm going to sleep, I am sleepy" and closes her eyes while leaning on KT's shoulder.

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The next morning, they walk together. 
Tan: I can't believe you really sleeps. Nobody's looking..can we hold hands?

ES refuse but he grabbed it anyway (why ask then?? haha!) They walk hand in hand. ES explained that KT is so much as the Hollywood sign. Seems near but it's actually far..she then added that he's not one of her problem. Tan is one of the good thing that happened to her. She tried to pull her hand away but Tan won't let her..It's just like a dream..

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All the students suspect that R spent the night with Tan. They went to  a leadership seminar at the hotel. KT and HS are having breakfast. R and YD joined them. ES sit at another table at the back. Tan She then quietly want to leave the place and walks towards the pool. YD follows her.

Tan watches the two from his seat. R: don't watch..

YD grabbed ES and hold her besides the pool from being fall but then let her go. She falls in the pool. Tan rushes out.


ES "What are you doing?? IS this the sincere that  you were talking about???"
YD "That sense of trust when i held you from falling into the pool and then letting go. KT will do that to you"
ES "You are dead"
YD: By you?

KT came by and kicks YD into the pool. YD comes out of the pool..
YD: Are you going to make Cha Eun Sang be called a “mistress” like someone?
Tan: Shut that mouth. Will you be able to handle the consequences?

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HS came out and stop the fight. CY and BN joined them. BN helps ES. HS sent Tan away. YD puts towel on ES.

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HS drove KT home while nagging all the way.
KT: just drive!!

HS reached home. His mother was mad since he left to the camp and didn't showed up at the college interview. Here we learned that HS's mon wants him to pursue studies in Law but he refuse. Poor boy!! His mom then call JS.

JS is at KT's home. She asked ES's mom some questions and she started to write on her notebook. JS saw something written and wants to see the notebook but KT's mom stopped her. JS told KT's mom that she already knew that someone is following her and threat to show her where she belongs to.

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An article went out saying that YD' dad and R's mom are getting married. All the students are gossiping hurtful comments about it. R overheard.  YD tells R he's starting to like someone. Students suddenly come up to the two and congratulates them. ES heard YD conversation with R. 

Outside, R is crying. Tan came by and console her. R ask why is he being nice to her? 
Tan: as a friend..
Tan even told her to stop acting as an adult is she doesn't even know how to get angry properly. He then pats her at the back.

ES saw them from afar. YD appears from nowhere. 
YD "If you are jealous, I can hug you instead" 
ES: "Are you okay about this as well? It's your family too.. I hope you are okay... 

Tan saw them together. ES is chilling in the recording room. Tan walks in and saw her. He then built a fortress in front of the door to avoid ES from coming out. 

He put on the mike and ask ES to sit back and listen to what he wants to say and explain any misunderstanding.
Tan: My existence is a misunderstanding to some people...what he did to R was just as a friend...he was also sorry for not helping and leaving ES at the pool...and most importantly..what did ES talk to YD earlier?

Es tries to come out of the room. Tan's effort to block the door failed as she can open it from the other way..haha!! funny! She teases him for being at 100th place for the previous exam..gotcha!!

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YD and MS are at the restaurant together. The place reminded YD of his memories with KT. MS asked why they came all the way there just for deokbokki. YD says it is because this is the place he lost something
younger KT "you must come, if you don't you'll regret it"
younger YD "whatever" and leaves.
MS: what did you lose?
Present YD "  a friend and mother" sad..

At the company, Yoon ask Won what is he going to do with HJ. He said that the company comes first, then HJ.

JS went to meet Won. She told Won that this upcoming Tan's birthday, he will receive shares and that will make Tan's shares equal or more than Won's. Won seek for Yoon help but JS told him that Yoon also was holding some Jaeguk stocks.
JS: Aren't they anyone on your side in this company?
Inside the meeting..Won realized that no one is on his side actually..

ES reached home. The other maid ask her favour to change the incense stick. She walks past Tan's room quietly to never let him noticed..but he already saw her. He pulls her into his room and ask her again what did she talked with YD? Did YD confess? he asked. ES doesn't  budge and want to leave..
Tan: If you turn your back to me, I will hug you. If you talk back, I will kiss sweet..

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Kt's mom suddenly barge into the room and saw them together..oh my!!

KT's mom: "Are you two insane? Have you been dating behind my back?"
KT chased ES out
KT mom: "You are about to inherit what your brother currently have which is rightfully yours!"
KT "I don't want what's rightfully hyung. I don't care about what you want to have"


KT's mom goes to ES and her mother's room. Tells ES that she's no longer welcome in that house. KT brings his mother out of the room. ES tells her mother she's very sorry for falling in love with KT. ES and ES mother promises each other that they will leave almost immediately. KT is in wine cellar, texting ES to see him. ES does not respond.

KT goes up to her room, sees that she's not in her room. KT goes to ES mother and asks where ES went. ES mother tells KT that ES is heading to her friend's house and staying there for the night. KT goes out in pursuit of her, can't find her.

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ES is actually at BN's house for sleepover. She told BN that her mom was a maid. BN said that she had that feeling that ES is of that kind of level. ES also told Bn that her mom is mute. BN is quite shocked. BN then asked who was the one who showed up at the PTA meeting but later changed her mind.

ES can't as KT. He is at the wine cellar..


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The next morning, ES reached school early. The gate is still closed so she went to the grocery store and met YD there eating ramen. 

YD: "Are you looking for me?"
 ES "no"
YD "Did you spend the evening outside of your home? 
ES: "And did you as well?""why do you eat at the convenience stall when you have so much money?"
YD: "i always eat alone"
ES: "why do you always eat alone-" 
YD: (cuts her halfway) "don't look at me like that, i will waver" YD "Take this, it tastes better" 

ES and YD are standing at crosswalk. Tan pulls up in car across street. YD sees him but ES doesn’t. YD asks if he should help her avoid Tan. He pulls her in next to her. ES struggles to get out but YD holds tight saying he is curious what Tan will put on the line. ES sees Tan.

YD and ES walk the crosswalk. Tan too. It looks like they are just going to pass by but Tan grabs ES’s hand. Tan asks ES to just look at him but ES pulls out of his hold. Tan reaches out his hand, asking her to go together, even though it will be difficult. YD: Don’t hold his hand!! End of Episode 11..(come on ES..just face the consequences together!! be strong!!!) I hope that she will reached out to his hand though..keeping my finger cross!!

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 Photos: credit to the rightful owner

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