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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Heirs - What's Next?

Since Heirs has come to Episode 10, halfway the series..I have decided to flash back and try to predict on what going to happen for the next upcoming episodes..

As we know Kim Tan has a have a lot of obstacle to overcome, as I may quote in Episode 8 where he told Rachel that he likes Eun Sang. "I have lot of mountains to climb over".

I have sum up 5 obstacles that he need to bear with..amongst are:-

1. His Love


First is his love with Eun Sang. How will he overcome the barrier between them? As he told Eun Sang in Episode 10, "Just wait,  I will make it so that you can cross every threshold in this world. I am thinking of a way right now. What is his plan? The only way I can think off is that he has to confiscate Jeguk Group from his hyung in order for him to have the power, then he'll be able to protect Eun Sang. But this will add problem to his severe relationship with Won.

Episode 10 - Tan: “Are my feelings a joke to you? Is my sincerity funny?”
Eun Sang:“Is my effort funny to you? Do you and I go together?”

Kim Tan: “Fine. It seems you and I don’t match. I am more than you deserve. Do you know why? It’s not because you hurt my pride or because you hurt me by bringing up my family situation in order to protect me. For you, I became brave, but for me, you aren’t doing anything. Fine, if that is your wish, I will stop paying attention to you. I thought you were a pretty dream, but you are a bad dream, Cha Eun Sang.”

I agreed with Tan. It looks like Eun Sang does not contribute a bit of effort to protect their love even after she has confessed to him that she likes him.

But Eun Sang is taking an extra step and showing a little bit of more courage. Tan is thinking to figure out a way for ES to not get hurt, and Eun Sang is taking that step forward, closer to Tan.(when she told Young Do that she's not afraid of him and when she calls Tan at the camp)

2. The Love Triangle


Young Do has declared war towards Kim Tan for his love to Eun Sang in Episode 10. He may started to bully her just to make Kim Tan mad but in Episode 8, (in the wine cellar) Kim Tan realized that Young Do is not bothering Eun Sang because he wants to annoy him but because Young Do really do likes her. This come back to the question how will Tan overcome this big mountain? Young Do is not an easy rival. This boy is lack of love from his playboy father and lost his mom at his early ages. So, Eun Sang will be his savior in terms of claiming back the lost love of his. (if she accepted his love).

3. Sibling Rivalry


In Episode 4, when Tan went back to Korea, the first person he wants to meet is not even his mother but his hyung. This shows that he really loves his hyung. He even assured Won that he won't take Jeguk Group away from him. He doesn't care of the inheritance for sure.

“I’m not going to fight with you. Because I will definitely lose. How can I win a fight in which I have no heart in?” -  Kim Tan - Episode will Tan overcome this another obstacle regarding his relationship with Won?

4. His Friendship


These two boys are not in good terms after Tan admitted to Young Do that he's a son of a mistress that makes Young Do upset. That is one of the reason that we know so far, there's may be more to be exposed in the future episodes I guess. How will they be like brothers again? What will Tan do to make up with Young Do?. Up to Episode 10, because of Eun Sang they fight and even Tan avoid going to the camp since they will killed each other if he did as he told Eun Sang. (that much of hatred between these two)

5. His Fiance'


In Episode 8, Tan confessed to Rachel that he likes Eun Sang. Rachel is upset of course and said that their relationship won't make through. She took a step ahead and declared to both mom that she want to break up their engagement just to make him see the reality and makes him falling apart.

Rachel: Do you think I did this to break the engagement? Just watch now how your family and my family react.”,“What were you doing while my affection turned into anger? Her affection towards him has changed to anger of jealousy.

She knew she has the influence in their relationship and use it to threat Tan. As per Tan's dad, since he's a bastard, he need Rachel as an insurance. She also burst out to Eun Sang by slapping her for calling Tan at the camp.

What will happen to their arrange engagement? Will it brake off easily? How will Tan climb this mountain? 

Yet so many mountains that Tan needs to climb over and it's not easy for an 18 year old high school boy. How will he open all doors for Eun Sang while handling his friendship turns hatred with Young Do and protect his affection towards his half brother? So many questions..can't wait for the next few episodes and I hope he will find his way through these complicated turbulence. Kim Tan Hwaiting!!

Please leave your comments..I would be grateful if you all could share what you think..

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