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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lee Min Ho & Jun Ji Hyun Confirmed For A New Drama!

Writer "Park Ji Eun" is chasing a new duo for "The Legend of the Blue Sea"

The famous writer has chased the duo actor Lee Min Ho and actress Jeon Ji Hyun that has been confirmed for a copyright from China with a high payment of 500,000 US$ per episode (probably 59,365 Million KRW), which rumored to be the highest payment that has been offered for Korean Drama copyright.

This is likely happened to the drama that started the Hallyu Wave in China "You Who Came From The Stars" which also came from the hands of the writer Park Ji Eun and SBS. "The Legend Of The Blue Sea" (Tentative Working Title) would be starring the duo Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun that recently was at the peak of their career, the pair have been confirmed and finalized, taking the synopsis. 

Both of their respective agencies confirmed on 30th of May "More details would be given after we got more information probably between this week". "Both of the actor and actress have meet and on agreement with writer Park Ji Eun" was what the agencies confirmed. 

"The Legend of The Blue Sea", thanks to both of the actor and actress popularity, has received a lot of calls and offer from Chinese Film Distributor. Some companies offered even the amount of 50 Million KRW per episode, others can even offered until 60 Million KRW, and the deal can probably reached between 50-60 Million KRW per episode. 

This amount was known to be twice the amount of "Descendants of The Sun" which reach the amount of US$ 270,000 per episode. If the drama was made by 20 episodes, perhaps the total amount can reach around 1-1,2 Billion KRW. 

The waiting for the drama has reached beyond expectation especially this would be the first comeback drama of Jeon Ji Hyun after giving birth, especially with Lee Min Ho that has almost reached 30 Million followers in Chinese SNS Weibo. It was said that Jeon Ji Hyun has already prepared a full-scale preparation especially on the costume concept and shooting with celebrities stylist. 

Chinese Entertainment Media HyeonJi stated "We have exclusive contract with Descendants of The Sun and we knew that we gain a lot of soaring high profit on Korean Dramas", "This proof the popularity and Chinese reaction of the hot pre-produced drama. However, we are still on dealing phase with Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun's drama since it's still unknown".

On the other hand, "The Legend of The Blue Sea" would be a work inspired and motivated by Hans Christian Andersen's Classic Fairy Tale "The Little Mermaid". Previously, writer Park Ji Eun has actually submitted 2 titles "The Legend of The Blue Sea" and "Stay" to the Korean Copyright Commission, and has decided on the title "The Legend of The Blue Sea". 

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