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Sunday, May 8, 2016

MYM Entertainment Facebook Update

Hello, this is MYM Entertainment. 

We’re pleased to report that as of May of 2016, actor Lee Min Ho is officially a part of MYM Entertainment. 

MYM Entertainment utilizes the strengths of an integrated management system and the experience of experts of different fields to create a new business model of entertainment. 

Furthermore, considering Lee Min Ho’s popularity and influence in Asia, MYM Entertainment plans to partner with companies of various expertise in different nations not only for furthering his career internationally but also for the expansion of the Korean Wave globally. 

Beginning with the management of Lee Min Ho, MYM looks toward working with artists of various backgrounds pushing forward our vision of “Me and You Making Entertainment.” MYM Entertainment seeks to create and enjoy contents together with you as it strives to become a global leader in the industry. 

We ask for your love and support as Lee Min Ho embarks on a new journey with MYM Entertainment. 
Thank you. 

The Board Members of MYM Entertainment

cr MYM Entertainmetn FB page
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