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Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy 10th Debut Anniversary!!'s 10th May..It's been a long way..for both of us..Lee Min Ho and Minoz.

And to new Minoz..welcome to Minoz World..

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to wish Happy 10th Debut Anniversary! From Secret Campus to Bounty have worked very hard to achieve a Hallyu King status as of today. So very proud of you..keep up the hard work, be humble and always keep in mind that we Minoz are all supporting you till the end.

For this year, I have collaborated with Minoz from 8 different countries for a special project. The countries involved are Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Dubai and Malaysia.

We took photos from an iconic building from each countries and upload on the same time today at 10.00 am Korean time.

Thanks for inviting me to take part in this project. Really appreciate and I feel proud and happy.

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