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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Be My Yeobo Event in Manila

This event was just a week away from Kyochon event in Malaysia. And to submit a leave form again for the second time..aigoo..i was so scared my boss would not approved it.

Later I found out that he is going to Beijing on 1st here is my chance!! Yahoo!!!

I skipped my work and went to Manila on 1st April 2016. Min Ho went there a day earlier.

Arrived at NAIA Airport afternoon and went straight to my hotel. Since my friend was working that day she couldnt take me for sightseeing. Its okay..I was here to meet Min Ho!

We went to the first mall, Ayala Trinoma at 10 am. So many minoz was already queuing in front of the mall entrance. We queued too.

I took my turn to pick the raffle in the fish bowl at about 12 something. I was unlucky!! Didnt get the pass to meet him up stage. So I then join the crowd.

Stayed there, standing for about 4 hours. Later at about 4.30 only he appeared.
The crowd went crazy! Pushing here and there and I almost fell down twice..hahaha..

I couldnt stand it. I escaped halfway the event and went to the back area.

Cant even focus on my camera steadily coz not stable while inside the crowd.

Here are some of my photos..

Later that evening, we went to the airport to send him off to Cebu. I managed to record a video of him arriving at the airport..

Nice to see you again. Although I didnt get the chance to shake hand with you thanks for saying Hi! 

Till we meet again Min Ho ya!
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