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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Q&A with Lee Min Ho during Talk Concert

I managed to find some translation during the Q&A session with Min Ho..hope all of you will find it useful

~ Mh was asked about popularity..he said that he didnt act to became popular

~ he never thought of gaining populariy by appearing on variety programs..(no wonder he has never been on running man!)

~ when asked..when is the first moment he felt his popularity..he said when he was given a van and he got to sit at the back! Lol!

~ he got to know his popularity halfway while filming BOF and through Sns

~ he was mcing the event beforr the lady Mc came..Seulgi. He was very nervous but did great.

~ he said never thought an age of retiring. Now only reached 10% And Still far more way to go

Thanks to @ilminozli

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