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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Full Translation of Minoz Mansion Talk Concert Japan - 1st Stage

Here it is..what we have waiting for..

The full version of Japan concert..enjoy!

2016年1月25日 李敏镐日本横滨见面会谈话内容英文翻译(上) 原文: hetty 翻译: miladuo

2016-01-30 17:07 Minoz_miladuo阅读 362
写在前面的话:作为Minoz的一员,总是想千方百计地了解敏镐多一点,不想错过他的只言片语,这样的心情我们都一样吧?! 所以当不懂韩文和日文的我们看到中文翻译时都心存感激,所以当我看到Hetty说有海外粉丝需要英文翻译时,就毛遂自荐接下了这个任务,因为那样的心情我是感同身受的。—— miladuo


Hetty: Due to my work schedule, i only attended the first talk concert in Yokohama, therefore the content is based on the first talk concert. There are a lot of information, so i will divide it into two parts, and omit some of the MC script, but MinHo's part will be highlighted (LOL). Apologies!

M=MinHo, H=Host, A=Audience, F=Fan

Song <그때처럼>

H: Please say hello to everyone.

M: Hello, i am Lee Min Ho. Long time no see. Happy New Year!

H: Happy New Year, MinHo! Please say Happy New Year to all one more time, you will get a response.

M: Happy New Year!

A: Glad to meet you!

Host translated it for MinHo, and he said 'Oh~~~'.

H: You still look so charming.

M: I arrived here last evening. I was a bit worried that it would be very cold today, but it's warmer than yesterday. I feel like i am blessed.

H: You wear white coat today. Very nice, especially the turtle neck, and the white jacket.  Are you keen on white clothes recently?

M: Not really. I just think that white clothes fit well with the winter, and most white clothes look very nice.

H: You just held a similar concert in Seoul. How do you feel?

M: Fantastic! Since <Boys Over Flowers>, Minoz and i have been together for 6-7 years. I am happy that i have such a chance to talk with you, and to tell you my story. It's the purpose of the talk concert.

H: According to Japanese tradition, you are 29 years old now, right?

M: I was born on 22 June. My birthday hasn't come yet, so i am still 28.

H: Big boy now...Let's review the 20's of MinHo.


H: How do you think of your image of 'the young Lord’ and 'handsome boy'?

M: I don't think that the young Lord is bad image. Compared with poor lads, the young Lord is better. I assume that <Boys Over Flowers> has big impact on it, which makes me look superior, even though my roles are not rich in <Personal Taste> and <Faith>. 

H: Indeed MinHo looks quite superior, and very suitable for the role of rich boys. How is your financial situation in real life? Is it similar to the role you played?

M: I can feed myself. 

H: If you starred <Gangnam Blues> first, instead of <Boys Over Flowers>, your image could be different, right?

M: If so, people might think that i can fight well.

H: Do you fight well in real life?

M: I haven't fought with anyone for a long time, but i used to fight a lot when i was a kid.

H: So adorable! I can even imagine you being a naughty boy.

<VTR: famous scene of MinHo's TV)

H: Which one will you choose?

M: After watching this VTR, i realize that there are two TV production originated from Japan, i.e. <Boys Over Flowers> and <City Hunter>. My favarite is a line from General Choe Yeong.

H: You must have remembered the line.

M: Yes, i do remember.

H: Could you please say the line now?

M: Okay.

H: (To audience) Please be quiet.

M: ...

(Hetty's note: MinHo was too shy to say it, so he laughed and stopped half way.)

H: MinHo does not only has good-looking face, but also has good-sounding voice.

M: Thank you.

H: In the TV series, MinHo has shown us lots of images, and there are also some intimate scene. When we watch this kind of scene, we would feel jealous. We may also have fantasy that we are the actress. That's one of the fun things when we watch TV. Well, you may blush, but we have prepared a VTR with some intimate scene. 

M: I'm getting nervous.


H: No kissing. How do you feel after watching the VTR?

M: Those intimate scene are not hardcore at all. (Host laugh)

H: Since we have watched the scene, we would like to play it as well, right? Who wants to come to stage and play the intimate scene with MinHo?

<Draw lots>

H: We will choose one of the audience to reproduce these scene. Which scene do you prefer?

M: I'm a bit concerned about the scene of bridal-style hug. It depends on how much she weights. Others would be fine. (All laugh)

<The lucky fan went to stage.>

M: (After measuring the fan with the eye) I'm relieved now. It would be fine if we go with the scene of bridal-style hug. 

H: (To the fan) Which one would you like?

F: I'm a big fan of <Faith>.

H: <Faith>. That means...(bridal-style hug). We have to ask MinHo. There will be trouble if he fails. How is your waist today? (All laugh)

M: No problem. Chances are that she may fall, but i can try. Wait a second. Let me warm up.

H: Sure. You will have to pick up dozens of kilograms.

M: (Emphasize) Not because she is heavy.

<MinHo picked up the fan and put her on the sofa gently.>

H: Wow, you are so sweet. Do you practise a lot?

M: No no...I can't breathe now.

H: It seems that there is no intimate scence beyond kissing.

M: What kind of scence is beyond kissing? (All laugh)

H: For example, in <Personal Taste>, there is a scene that you pull off the bra strap of the actress, but she stopped it. Another example is to kiss somewhere below lip. Will you play this kind of intimate scence?

M: (Laugh) I need my fans' approval first. The classic love story would have some scene to show the deep relationship of the ones in love. If necessary, i will take the challenge in my 30's. Again, I need my fans' approval first.

H: Wow, although it's complicated that i want to see it and don't want to see it, as your fans, we have the same feeling that we want to see all kinds of MinHo.


H: To MinHo, what does Minoz mean to you?

M: I have expressed my gratitude at lots of occasions. I believe that you all understand how grateful i am. I always feel sorry for Japanese fans, because i don't have much opportunity to come here except for official events. However, you have always been waiting, and come here to meet me today. I'd like to thank you with all my heart. In the future, i will work hard as an actor and do my best. For me, you are my driving force, my biggest momentum to move forward as an actor.

(Hetty’s note: MinHo said a lot, even though the interpreter sitting behind has translated it completely. MinHo turned back and said to her 'Awesome!'. It shows how MinHo respects the staff.)

H: As Minoz, how do you think of MinHo? I'd like to ask some of you.

<Draw lots>

F: (In English) Hello, i’m from Hong Kong.

H: Oh, a friend from Hong Kong. Welcome!

M: (In Cantonese) Hello~

H: What’s your name?

F: ...

H: She seems not understand Japanese.

M: (In English) What’s your name?

F: (In English) My name is Wendy. 

M: (In English) Nice to meet you.

H: What can i do? How can i proceed with the interview? MinHo, can you translate for me? (All laugh)

M: I’m not capable of that. 

H: Aww, what can i do?

F: (In English) Can i come to stage?

H: You don’t have to. I just want to ask you why you like MinHo. Who can translate for me? MinHo, could you please translate it to English?

M: We need some help.

H: Alright, forget the question. (In English) To MinHo, love message, please.

F: (In English) I love you all.

M: (In English) I love you too, Wendy.

H: Thank you.

M: Why did i sweat?

H: I guess the 3 of us all sweat. I never feel so nervous during the interview.

(Hetty’s note: At that time, i wanted to translate for the fan, but i sit at the last low. When i came to the fan and translated what the host said, they have already expressed love to each other in English.)


H: Why are you not active in SNS?

M: No special reason. Only because i’m not good at selfie. I don’t often take photos, so there is nothing much to upload.

H: But i think that fans care about you and want to know what you have been doing. Let’s invite a fan coming to the stage and taking a photo with you, then upload it to SNS.

M: I’m fine with that. Just wondering if you are ok with showing your face.

H: (To audience) Are you ok with that? Alright, let’s draw lots first. If the lucky one doesn’t want to show her face, please let us know. We can hide part of the photo. It’s a rare chance. Please be active.

<Photo time>

M: I will upload the photo.

F: He looks so very gorgeous. My hands were shaking all the time.

H: How do you feel by looking back your 20’s?

M: After being loved by you all, i’ve been working hard to pay back your love by my works. So i’m confident to say that i’ve done my best in my 20’s.

H: Wonderful 20’s. (All applaud) Next he will sing a song for us. The name is…?

M: My Everything. This song has Japanese version, so i will sing this version today.

H: Oh, anything special during the Japanese recording?

M: There was a syllable hard to pronounce. What’s that?

H: Is it 「つ」「つ」in 「いつも」?

M: Both 「つ」and「ちゅ」are hard to pronounce.

H: We seldom use 「ちゅ」. Let’s practice 「つ」now. Please try to say 「いつも」.

M: 「いつも」

H: Wow, perfect!

Song <My Everything>

***THE END (Part One)***
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