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Monday, March 28, 2016

Kyochon True Flavor True Story with Lee Min Ho - Part 1

Malaysian Minoz already heard rumours that Minho is coming over to Malaysia for Kyochon since last year. Just that with his busy scedule..Kyochon Malaysia didnt get the chance to bring him here.

Finally on 21st February 2016, they posted on their official sns and announced that he is coming here.

After seeing this post..I started thinking ehat is the mechanics for the contest. I have to admit that everytime he comes here..sure I will be so stressful of the contest. Seriously, it's not easy to win. Because we have to compete with Minoz and non Minoz usually. So have to try hard and good luck to me.

The mechanics of the contest is that you have to choose which chicken series to feed Min Ho and why?

There was 2 contest initially. Either via facebook or you dine in. If dining in you have to spend RM 68 each time to get a form.

Fir the first week..i dine in 4 times but no luck. I didnt win the first round. I was so sad and dissappointed coz I have invested a lot of money and time. I also ate a hell lots of my friend advise me..I find my courage to try again in the next round. This is what she told me.. you know..the world we live in so called the Minoz world requires us to sacrifice time and money. It is not easy to meet Min Ho as you know. Dont give up! You have another 3 weks. Please try again..

Gomawo Chingu ya!!

So I tried again for the 2nd week. This time I changed my approach on the comments. I re connect and applied Kyochon series with Min Ho. Here is my comments

And I submitted my second form the day after.

On Tuesday the following friend message me..she said congrats sis. I saw your name as one of the winners for 2nd week. I was jumping up and down happily. Yeah..hardwork sure does pay back. For the 6th time trying..I won eventually. 

End of part 1..will continue on my preparation and experience during the event on my next post. Keep loggin on okay!
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