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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kim Jong Dae's Birthday Celebration

Hi all..hmmm....honestly I am typing this post with tears falling hard..crying han river..ㅠㅠㅠ
Where should i begin??

Somewhere in February this year..a Korean Minoz friend told me that some of them are planning to celebrate Kim Jong Dae's birthday. (I am sure all of you knew Jong Dae ah)

She asked me to write a personal letter to Min Ho. They will be inviting other Minoz from each country also to take part such as Japan, china, Hong Kong, Taiwan and etc. And I am representing Malaysia.

But the letter must be written in Hangeul so that Min Ho can read it.
I draft and wrote my letter to him and sent it via EMS to my friend around end of February.

Here is my letter that i wrote.

And somehow around 12 March 2016, my friend sent me these photos. They were decorating a room and celebrating his birthday and set up the food the same as what Jong Dae had in the film. 

They even deco each and everyone's name that had join this event. I was so happy to see my name there...

I thought it ends there....It's Beyond my knowledge that my friend has done a lot more than this..

She actually had complied all the letters from each one of us and upon attending the Eider event in Seoul on 18th March 2016, she hand over our letters compilation to Min Ho.

She just told me today! I was really really happy..coz I.didnt get to gave him my gift during his trip here. At least my letter was given to him directly by her. Chingu ya..I owe you one!! Really thankful and grateful for all your help. I love you!!

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