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Monday, February 1, 2016

Full Translation of Minoz Mansion Talk Concert - Stage 2

2016年1月25日 李敏镐日本横滨见面会谈话内容英文翻译(下) 原文: hetty 翻译: miladuo

2016-01-31 16:18 Minoz_miladuo阅读 613


H: In the VTR, there is a photo of you when you were a kid. What’s the story behind?

M: Which photo?

H: (To audience) Which photo?

A: The naked one.

H: The naked one.

M: I was too young to remember anything about the photo (LOL). That’s the only naked photo taken after i was one year old. Another photo was taken when i participated in a debate competition. Is there similar competition in Japan?

H: Yes, like speech contest. 

M: Actually i was an introverted kid, and dared not speak aloud in front of people, so my parents encouraged me to compete in the contest.

<Next is Q&A section>

H: So you will answer any questions we ask?

M: Yes.

H: How did you spend your time on 31 December? Please be honest.

M: Why did you add that 'be honest’? So you think i would lie?

H: No no no, we are just curious to know what you did on that date.

M: I’m turning 30 according to Korean tradition, so i had dinner at home with my family, then went out to celebrate with my friends.

H: Did you ever get upset? What’s the worst thing you have done when you were upset?

M: I’m so upset that i’m turning 30.

H: Does it bother you?

M: Yes, i’m not happy about it, because i feel like my youth is passing away.

H: Don’t think it that way. Look at us. We are all very young, although we are much more than 30 years old. (All laugh) Thanks to you MinHo, we have been enjoying our youth. (All applaud) No worries, MinHo.

M: When i get upset, i don’t have special ways to relieve the stress. Sometimes i sleep for 15 hours. Sometimes i shout at home.

H: Next, let’s see the biography of MinHo. What’s the difference from now and 9 years ago?

M: I've won lots of prizes. (All applaud)

<MinHo’s biography is shown on screen>

H: Birthday: 22 June, 1987; Constellation: Cancer; Height: 186cm; Weight: 68kg.

M: Ah! It’s not that i grow, but my height is actually 187cm, and my weight is 73kg.

H: One centimeter higher, but 5 kilograms heavier, is that right? (All laugh) Very fit!

<Except for height and weight, we’d like to put other measurement on MinHo’s biography, so a lucky fan will come to stage and measure his size on the spot.>

M: There are so many draw-lots moments.

H: Where shall we measure? Shoulder?

M: How about the waist? My waistline changes frequently, so i’d like to measure it.

H: That’s MinHo! Normally people don't wanna show this to the public, but he asked for it…Well, to measure your waist, we will have to put the arms around you. How shall we do it? In front or from behind?

M: How about this? You can measure my waist twice, then measure wherever you want to.

H: Seriously? Where shall we begin?

M: Why are you staring at me like that?

<MinHo opened his arms for the convenience of measurement>

M: Wait a second. You are not measuring my waist, not my chest either. It’s somewhere between. My waist is here.

H: 85cm.

M: Measure another part, please.

H: Next is the chest. Where is the peak? (Host got too excited.) It should be up there, where the nipples are.

(hetty & miladuo: we are blind now.)

H: 95cm, about my size. (All laugh)

M: It’s a rare chance. Let’s take a photo together.

<Photo time>

H: Waist 85cm, chest 95cm. Close to your expectation?

M: Waist 85cm…sounds big.

H: So it’s usually smaller?

M: I’m not sure.

H: Next is the family members. Father, mother and sister. Have you ever thought of having more family members? (So clever. All laugh)

M: I forgot putting Choco on the list.

H: Will you help Choco to have more family members?

M: She has never had a baby. She didn’t even meet her Mr. Right.

H: How can she meet someone else when you are around?! Next, your favorite game is Star Craft. Do you play games a lot?

M: Not as much as before. I only play games during my trip now.

H: The most touching movie is <A beautiful mind> (2001). Any other movies afterwards?

M: I watch movies a lot, and there are many good movies i like. For example, <Tokyo Tower> (Japanese) is a great movie. I’d like to put it on my biography. And <Gangnam Blues> as well.

H: You are so cool in the movie, and showed a completely different MinHo to us. Next, you scored 80 in your self-evaluation 9 years ago, how about now?

M: 81

H: Why did you add one more point?

M: It’s for what i have done. I will do my best to fill the rest 19 points in the future. (All applaud)

H: If you are one of Minoz, what would you like about MinHo?

M: Well…it’s quite difficult to find my own merit. (To audience) What do you think?

A: Smart! Handsome! Smily! Acting skill...

M: Optimistic. Perhaps people like me because i can bring positive energy to you. You won’t feel negative when you see me. You will gain momentum from me. It’s probably the reason you like me. (All applaud)

H: It’s true that every time i see MinHo, i become bright and optimistic. He has the power of making us happy.

<Song + VTR, change clothes>

M: How is my outfit?

H: (To audience) What do you think? Simple but nice. MinHo has played in many kinds of drama, like romance, action, costume…What kind of drama would you like to try in future?

M: Mmmm…Mmmm…It’s hard to say.

H: Is it because there are too many in your mind?

M: Indeed there are many things i’d like to try, but since it’s the last works in my 20’s, i would have some concerns. I’d like to select a proper drama which i can well portray the character.

H: I assume that your fans are eager to see your next drama, right? (All applaud) With regard to the topic, do you have any word to your fans? No matter what kind of drama i play, i won’t let you down, something like that?

M: Mmmm…Mmmm…In my previous works, my roles were either hurt inside or carrying a lot, so i planned to play in a lighter and merrier drama. I guess you would like to see that kind of role. If it’s TV series, it would be a romance. I’d like to play a role who can turn you on.

H: Let’s get burning up! MinHo and Minoz have done a lot of things together. Every time i see these moments, i feel so touched. Next, let’s review the moments with MinHo.


H: What’s the purpose of these activities?

M: In the first beginning, it’s my fans who took the initiative to do charity. They took the lead to spread love and kindness. It triggered me to help those in difficulty. You have given me lots of love, and i wanted to spread the love to all. That’s the purpose.

H: What are you aiming for?

M: I don’t have big ambition or a specific reason for doing so. It’s like the way i get along with my fans. We get to know each other day by day. If you agree with us, you can join us on PMZ and spread your love.

H: I will join you and Minoz for the charity events in the future.

Song <선물>

H: You sing better and better. Did you have a good time with us?

M: Last year i sang a lot of songs in my concert. It was an exciting concert. Today i talked a lot about myself and my works. It’s a quieter concert. It’s different. Last year you stood up singing and dancing with me. We had a great time together. Today some friends might be the first time to join my concert, but i feel contented to talk with you all in such a quiet atmosphere. 

H: What kind of meeting would you plan, when you come next time?

M: I know that you have been looking forward to my next drama, so i will focus on my works, and come to meet you with my works. I hope that next time we can talk about my works and sing my songs in a concert.

H: Wow, i’m looking forward to it. Please do invite me again. I will be waiting. Please take care. Here comes the last song. Which one is it?

M: <Stalker>. It’s the song that Japanese friends sang and danced with me last year. Today you can just sit there listening and enjoying a bit. It’s very cold recently. Please take care of yourselves and be healthy. I will come back with my new works soon.

<All stood up, sang and danced with MinHo. MinHo said ‘i love you’ in Japanese, and made a gesture of love. Exit.>


Encore song <Thank you>.

***THE END***

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