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Monday, February 15, 2016

My Japan Travel Diaries - Minoz Mansion Talk Concert Yokohama

Finally I have some time to write about my Japan trip..

...initially, I was contemplating either to go Korea or Japan concert..but since I have experienced attending Korean I decided to go to Japan.

But since my other friends decided to go Korea, I have to embark a journey to Japan alone. Yes..ALONE...

With a Minoz Japan friends' help..i managed to buy the concert ticket at a cheaper price. Thanks Mami for helping me. Honestly, I am a bit scared to travel alone, but because of my determination to meet Min Ho..I found my courage..

My flight was on 23rd January 2016, Saturday at 2.30 pm. I arrived at Haneda airport at 11.30 pm (Japan time). I decided just to chill at the airport till morning since the bus service will ended soon.

Once I reached my hotel, it was about 10.00 am. But unfortunately, the check in time was at 4.00 pm. I was so tired and sleepy with no bath since

There I saw 6 Japanese ladies sitting at the lobby. They were looking at me (since I brought with me PLAY bag from Promiz)..I guessed they were Minoz too.

Suddenly they came at asked me...Min Ho? Yes..Min Ho I answered...

Me too! she said..and without our conscious were jumping up and

They told me they are going to Korea town in Tokyo. I asked if I can tag along..they said Can!! Rather than waiting at the hotel lobby until 4, I rather go with them. They were very friendly and warm people.

We went to lunch and window shopping and visited Pacifico Yokohama; the concert venue

Pacifico Yokohama is located near the harbour and surrounded by sea..It's very beautiful

Here is Yokohama town

Later, we decided to go Haneda Airport and welcome Min Ho.

Sorry, we are not allowed to take photos in the airport. I was scolded by the airport guard since I hold my camera..I have to keep it in my bag

I saw him walking in front of me..and as usual he was so freaking damn handsome.


Concert day...25th January 2016

We went to Pacifico Yokohama early in the morning to queue for official goods. So many Minoz was there since early morning. Tried my luck for Hi-touch coupon, but I'm not lucky enough..huhuhu..

..I have promised myself before that the next time I go to his concert..I will contribute a flower this time my wish came true. I was so happy that I can share the flower wreath with some Minoz from Malaysia and Singapore.

My seat is in the middle of the event hall. But I still can see Min Ho face very clear..So happy and excited to meet him again after few months..missed him so badly..

The Japan concert had 2 session, once in the afternoon and one at night. I bought ticket for both show.

Basically what he talked in Korea is quite similar in Japan. But the fan service is more in Japan..hahaha..lucky Minoz Japan!

The song he sang also is quite different than in Korea. Here he sang stalker and two songs in Japanese; My Everything and Without You.

Enjoys these photos that I took from the concert..

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