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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lee Min Ho's Cries in 4 Different Ways in Heirs

In conjunction of the 1st anniversary of Heirs...I would like to share this article from Drama Fever..

Over the course of 5 years since I first knew Lee Min Ho from Boys Over Flowers, he has excelled greatly in acting. The most obvious improvement started from City Hunter when I first noticed he has the ability to emote and convey the emotional changes with his eyes.

He has beautiful eyes and this really does become one of his best asset when he uses it to express emotions. He pushes and challenges his boundaries even further when he took on the role of Choi Young in Faith.

Choi Young is written to be a stoic character so this really put Lee Min Ho to the test and challenges him to fully utilize his eyes and facial expression to emote and deliver the emotions across to the viewers. If you think he emote very well in City Hunter, he up the notch by another level in Faith. There was sooooo much unspoken emotions coming out of that man.

His fans and viewers were skeptical when he took on The Heirs because it was similar to Boys Over Flowers, however, I have not seen any shadow of Gu Jun Pyo in Kim Tan. Instead, sometimes, I see a little of Lee Yoon Sung from City Hunter and Choi Young from Faith. The crazies and I have agreed that this is a drama for Lee Min Ho to practice and challenge himself with another type of performance – intricate and controlled acting. Apart from employing different tactic of acting in The Heirs, I hope the viewers have also noticed the different kinds of crying Lee Min Ho has shown us for the past few episodes. When they are all put together, I can say this boy always takes my breath away with his acting skills. I only have praises for him…
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