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Friday, October 24, 2014

Gangnam 1970 Postponed!

It's Confirmed! Sad news..Gangnam 1970 premiere will be release on January 2015 instead of November 2014.

Updates from Starhaus Entertainment Facebook

[알림] 배우 이민호의 스크린 복귀작 <강남1970>의 개봉이 2015년 1월로 확정되었습니다.
11월 말 개봉을 예고했던 ‘강남 1970′ 측은 극장가 성수기인 1월에 보다 더 많은 관객을 안정적으로 만나기 위해 개봉 일정을 변경, 확정했다고 전해왔습니다.
이에 제작보고회 등 많은 일정도 연기하게 되었습니다~
좋은 작품으로 인사드리게 될테니 팬 여러분도 많은 기대와 응원 부탁드려요:) 감사합니다.
Returning to the small screen actor [notification] immigration favors <강남1970>opening of this has been confirmed as of January 2015.

To be released for the end of November, and "Jiangnan Theater during the 1970 ' side in January audiences more than a steady opening to meet schedule changes, has confirmed.

This production has been postponed for many schedule a briefing session-keep up the good work, we'll be greeted by fans as the much anticipated and cheer, I'm begging you:) Thank you very much.</강남1970
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