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Friday, July 4, 2014


Another batch of photos of Min Ho ssi during Innisfree event, now with different clothes..more casual

Among the highlights of the event shared from Source Trendy Idol Blog:

Spokesman Bowie asked why #LeeMinHo liked Taiwanese girls, he said: "Taiwan girls are cheerful". It leaves a good impression whenever I visited here, so as the food. My favourite is pineapple cake. He also shared the importance of skin maintenance I supposem. It does not only make u look fresh, clean but manly too.

. .it was said that since he has been on frequent traveling, sometimes he lost track and don't even know where he is..on saying that the spokesperson asked, so do you know where you are now? He said Taiwan!

haha funny...he hopes after the end of his new movie ..he wish to come to Taiwan again to meet his fans..

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