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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Twosome Place Fanmeeting Highlights

Highlights during the Twosome Place Fanmeeting last Sunday.

~~ LeeMinHo thanking fans during #Twosome, 080714 to show gratitude, fans is d reason y he exists. He sings Say Yes towards the end and wave goodbye. He said before age of 30, would like to try out more work or projects. Of course in love life, he wish he has someone..even if not a lover, someone he can share his ideas and communicate with in life.

~~ Lee Min Ho said: “Before filming began I did aware that there would be many action scenes and has been practicing now and then”. He also mentioned there soon would be one important scene which is getting nervous.

Fans know he is tired due to the recent shooting and remind him to pay attention to his health. Though they are excited about his movie, they more concern about his health and are worried about his hurting of his long legs. Health is still important, which is all what he needs to keep in mind.


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