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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Legends Of The Blue Sea - 2nd Episode

2nd Episode..hmmm..much better than the 1st pilot episode..

The rating:-

TNmS: Nationwide 16.2% (+0.8), Seoul 20.1% (+2.1) AGB: Nationwide 15.1% (-1.3), Seoul 16.4% (-1.6)

I read in some article that the pilot episode's rating was better than Descendants of The Sun..such a good start. Congrats to all the casts and staffs of LOTBS.

In fact the last scene of episode 2..the kiss scene recorded at 22%..hahaha such a record breaking!

Okay..let's start with Episode 2..

Jun Jae took Shim Chung back to the hotel with him...and the mermaid starting to learn about the gadgets and stuff such as the handphone and lap top. She spent her whole night watching and learning about the world via the lappy...

And the gangsters were sent off to Spain by Kim Tan's mom to chase Jun Jae. In this episode about 40% of the scene was the chase and run. Here we learnt that the mermaid was good in action, whereby she helped Jun Jae to escape from the gangsters in which they escaped successfully.

Shim Chung also develops her love feeling towards Jun Jae in this episode..Also some throw back from the Joseon area in which Kim Dam Myung met the mermaid and talked to her..there were some throwback scene about his early age with his mother..his mother left him previously without saying goodbye. That's why he hated people leaving without saying goodbye..and that's why he came back to Shim Chung on the last scene of episode 1..if you know what i mean...

They took sheltered in a church whereby he returned back the bracelet to the mermaid. In the final scene, the gangsters caught them red handed and they were cornered near a cliff.

They had no other choice but to jumped into the sea...

That's when SHim Chung turned into the mermaid and get closer to Jun Jae..he saw her tail and the mermaid approached him and kiss him..

End of Episode 2

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