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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Legends Of The Blue Sea - 1st Episode

hhmmmm.. this time around i will not do a re-cap, but just an overview of each episode...

Let's start with the ranking..
Episode 1 rating TNmS: Nationwide 15.4% (4th), Seoul 18.9% (3rd) AGB: Nationwide 16.4% (4th), 18.0% (2nd)

The drama started with the joseon area in which Kim Dam Myung met the mermaid and he helped her returned back to the sea...

The story line was fast,.showing how the modern Heo Jun Jae as the conman. Tricking all sorts of people for money.

He even tricked his mom in Heirs! hahaha to travel to Spain..where he met the mermaid again.

He saw the mermaid wearing Kim Dam Myung bracelet and stole it from her after treating her nicely. But yet he dumped her again...

But Jun Jae being Jun Jae not the con man..he Comes Back To Pick Up Shim Chung After Leaving Her

Here are some screen caps from the first episode

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