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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lee Min Ho's Contest Mechanism

Hi all...sorry to keep all of you waiting for the contest.

Here is the mechanism for the contest. I really hope that many of you are able to join this contest.

a) Simply answer all the quiz questions below with the correct answer.

b) Please take a selca/selfie with this blog as your background. The most creative selca/selfie will           determined the winners. (this is to make sure that you are one of this blog regular readers)

c) There will be 6 winners for this contest.

d) Contest will start 1st January 2016 and ends 10th January 2016.

e) Please send your entry to

f) I will upload all your selca/selfie photos in my blog and choose the lucky winners.

g) Terms and conditions applied. The judges decision on the winners are final.

Good Luck to all! Waiting for your entry submissions.

p/s: It's my first time running a contest..any weakness in this contest is much regretted..and any comments to improved the mechanism is much appreciated.


Here is the questions for Lee Min Ho's quiz contest.

1. When is Lee Min Ho's birthday?
2. How old is Lee Min Ho this year (Korean age)?
3. What is Lee Min Ho's horoscope?
4. What is Lee Min Ho's height?
5. Lee Min Ho is under what management agency?
6. What is Lee Min Ho's character in Boys Over Flowers?
7. What is Lee Min Ho's latest movie (on-going)?
8. What is Lee Min Ho's first album?
9. Lee Min Ho's character, Kim tan is from which drama?
10. How does Lee Min Ho relieved his stress?
11. Kim Jong Dae is from which Lee Min Ho's movie character?
12. Lee Min Ho won _____________________ at 36th Blue Dragon Film Award 2015.
13. Tell us 3 of Lee Min Ho's current endorsement.
14. What is Lee Min Ho's latest album?
15. When is Lee Min Ho's Talk Concert in Japan?

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