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Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Heartwarming Story of A Minoz Who Attended the TNGT Fan meet

This is why we loved him..his has a golden heart...may god bless you Minho ya..I loved you till my last breath...

TNGT 20150914, a very lovely touching story.

Wish Min Jing 明京 happy everyday.
On the day of TNGT fans sign, I had joined the contest but was not lucky enough. As it wasn't weekend but a school day, was hesitating to go. The journey from school to the venue is approximately an hour, however I finally decided to go.

Was thinking of going to see him only.

Never expected 2 fans helped me, and the bodyguards were helpful too. On top of that, Minho oppa really nice towards fans.

The position I am at was so close to the stage. I had a moment of thought that Minho oppa will not just leave the venue after fans sign, he would shake hands with fans at least. 

The voice recording pen I brought is just to record Minho oppa voice, even hearing his voice is so good.

To my surprise, Minho oppa took his authograph photo with big steps came towards me, I would never imagined even if it was in my dreams that this could happen.

He gave me a warm hug and said many things to me, I could only remember he said fighting now.
I really lost my thoughts and still in a daze.

My heart is not made of steel. His body infused with light perfume scent, till now still lingered on my clothes.

I am afraid the smell will be gone so I folded the clothes carefully, decided not to wear it and keep till next year for washing.

The recording pen content: Mingjing xi, (the helpful fans who brought up the pen to Minho ask him to call me Mingjing, oppa laughed)
Mingjing ah..........

Thank you Chinese fans for the translate.
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